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3/7/2013 c1 6Prof-the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic
Ooh, looking forward to this...was thinking about doing something similar, but I won't rip you off. I'll wait for a different time period that I have inspiration for...I just finished WWI in social studies too. Maybe I could do a Phantom of the Opera FRIENDS crossover...
Oops, I got distracted. The writing is very good and I appreciate this...Why can't they teach classes like this...give the information in ways that students enjoy...
3/6/2013 c1 1dizuz
Did you know that Monica's middle name was Elisabeth anyway I love the story
3/6/2013 c1 Cyn
Love your story line, its different from other usual mondler fics. Hope to see a second chapter! :-]
3/5/2013 c1 29FriendsTvFiction
OMG I love this. So much. Keep writing, I've favorited and followed :)
3/5/2013 c1 18The-Time-Travelling-Hippie
This is another interesting take on a Friends fic.
3/5/2013 c1 anistoncox
Can't wait for Mondler to meet! Great start

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