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6/3 c9 jawnswanson
…I understand she’s hurt but Korra really messed up with blaming everything on Tahno and telling his secret to Mako of all people. That’s low
9/17/2020 c24 Guest
Cohen just invited everyone they know to look for their hidden, unknown daughter. Wow, I didn’t know he had it in him. It’s so far below the bare minimum to be decent but there was no hesitation, he’s in control and calm but not brushing anything off. I’m amazed
8/31/2020 c33 1Skokes
iv been going through a tough time lately and this story was just what I needed. thank you
1/24/2015 c1 Pula Nuvem
owwwww that's cute
12/27/2014 c32 10oskyanoon
I actually teared up at this chapter. I am addicted to say yes to the dress and I've seen countless brides find the "perfect" dress so for Korra to have her moment where she found her perfect dress was just amazing. And the details in the dress it was if I could see the dress perfectly in my mind. I love this chapter to death and I'm excited yet sad for the next chapter. Great job
12/25/2014 c26 oskyanoon
This was a really amazing chapter. I loved how Cohen was able to grow and understand himself better, it's nice to see an "bad guy" develop into someone better
12/25/2014 c25 oskyanoon
Omg that was suspenseful
I can't wait to see how this effects Tahno and Korra's relationship
12/24/2014 c22 oskyanoon
Omg that was such an amazing chapter like not in a sense that the situation was good but in the sense that I couldn't stop reading, seriously, I'm addicted to this fic right now
12/24/2014 c21 oskyanoon
Okay I have to be honest here. I'm a little disappointed that there was no lemon in this chapter, especially at the end with Tiffany. Lol don't mind my dirty little mind though
12/24/2014 c18 oskyanoon
omg so evil -.-
12/24/2014 c17 oskyanoon
Pretty sure this is my favorite chapter... So far
Can't wait to see what other surprises you have in store
10/28/2014 c11 k1096
They are just too adorable together ! Korra & Sura cx She reminds me of Jamie 's sister , Sophie , from ROG . Just the playful youthfulness of her when she 's happy , Sura I mean :)
Tahno 's dad makes it seem like him and Korra 's mother used to date but then some shit happened , like with Tenzin , Pema and Lin o_o
10/25/2014 c10 k1096
The more lemons the better , hahaa (sometimes tho xD )
But anyways , this was oh so sweet ! Cx And I dislike Mako even more now , thanks xD
I 'm excited for the reunion of Sura and Korra :3
10/25/2014 c9 k1096
Oh the misunderstandings , they 're killing me . I hope things patch up soon .
10/24/2014 c8 k1096
Oh boy ... Please don 't let it be too bad for Korra ... I mean whatever past the Dads had together it has nothing to do with Korra .. Nor Tahno

.. Besides the fact of me being worried about Korra , I absolutely loved the Sura & Korra scene , it 'a pretty heart warning and sweet :) My baby cousin has autism and ... I guess I can somewhat understand the situation Tahno 's in and how Sura acts or something .

Anyways again great job with these chapters :) I 'm yet still worried about the rest of the 25 chapters .. Hahaa ... vuv; And I hope there 's no arranged marriages ... It just seems like a 'logical ' and common thing to have when involving rich families ... o3o;
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