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5/3/2013 c4 LawandOrderForeverCSI
Loved it, loved it, loved it! Totally worth the wait!
4/29/2013 c3 21GeorgeAndrews
I think you have created a very beautiful, evocative and atmospheric piece here. My pet hate are stories which Literaly just describe what is happening and don't bother to just take a moment to add in details and descriptions of the characters' surroundings, or feelings, looks etc. So well done because you have captured all of those things perfectly! :)
4/11/2013 c3 cornish pasties
where is the promised next chapter, have been waiting for ages you know..
4/6/2013 c3 cmaddict
I'm obscenely late with the review again... :( I'm terribly sorry. Busy, busy, busy.

However, you make up for my tardiness by writing an absolutely adorable chapter. It was fantastic! So cute, with just the right amount of suspense and exposition
about the accident or non accident, I guess. Wonderful chapter!
4/5/2013 c3 54suallenparker
That was painful. Poor Mac! He almost made me cry! How can you be so cruel to your characters, Lily? Don't you feel bad? No, really, I'm proud of you! This was so good and heartfelt and well written. I loved the interaction with the girl and Flack and the relevation that Stella was pregnat. It was beautiful and painful to read. I'm so happy you ended the Chapter with Stella waking up. I knew what was going to happen, yet still I'm relieved they're going to be okay. Well done!
4/5/2013 c2 suallenparker
I loved the banter between Mac and Stella at the beginning and all the tender moments between them. The meeting with Adam was fun too, especially since Mac was being Mac and stared at him. :) I loved the conversation about the christmas tree and the humor there as well as their love and devotion for each other that shined through in this moment. They seem so very comfortable with each other, it's lovely so read!
And the car crash, oh dear! What a sudden change! Just like all accidents happen, I suppose. Poor Stella, poor Mac ... Of to the next chapter!
4/5/2013 c1 suallenparker
You are very welcome for my help! :) I love the addition you wrote for it! The scene with the children is so cute. I loved the scene when Kristy and Stella sat under the table. Their eager seriousness was adorable. I also wonder who Mindy is! And as always, your way with language is wonderful.
3/27/2013 c3 MARNIC
I am glad she is ok! It's magic! Thanks for the chapter and can't wait for the last one. Thanks
3/25/2013 c3 29Herrera
It's always apleasure to read your stories, Lily, and this time is not less... Quite the contrary, I think this fic starts in the sweetest way, it becames intense, moving, dramatic... and I hope (I'm sure) the end won't disappoint the readers.
3/23/2013 c3 13kaidiii
Excellent! Well done!Wonderful work! Touching! Sweet moment between and little girl. All the best for Stella, Mac and baby. Miracle happen! Hope, faith and love! :) :) :)
3/23/2013 c3 171Crowded Angels
Firstly, I want to apologise. I initially misread it and thought the Doctors were NOT able to save the baby. Cue a few choice words...;)

Fabulous chapter. Mac meeting with the precocious little girl and Flack's concern for Stella was lovely. I love Flack/Stella stories :)

Looking forward to Mac telling Stella about the baby! I hope he can begin to be excited about it all now Stella's awake :D

Looking forward to next chapter! Becs x
3/23/2013 c3 44smuffly
I think that this was the best chapter so far. The way that you followed Mac's thoughts and emotions was so convincing and also very moving. The image of his secret terror sitting like a spider at the centre of its web was so vivid. And I loved the way that you played on one phrase as he explored the notion of blame.

Your use of the scan was clever too, with the delayed reveal of its true meaning.
And the way that you wrote the little girl was perfect. She was matter-of-fact, and knowing, but also still a child, which made her slightly eerie but also very believable, and easy to connect with. And the fact that Don saw her fascinated me...

I also loved the use of coldness in your imagery. Phrases like 'snow-touched' and the 'pirouetting' snow were so effective, as was the icy coldness that gripped Mac. This worked so well in contrast to the warmth of the gifts in the hospital room, and the way that he touches Stella - tendrils of warmth, at first, when she is still unconscious - and then, at the end, a warmth that radiates through him. Brilliant!
3/22/2013 c3 5Advazzz
OMG Lily this chapter is so beautiful! :)
I knew she was pregnant! You know how much I love that especially because they didn't know...
And the all idea with the soldier and the fairy...

can't wait! please update more!
3/22/2013 c3 8Strandstorken
This chapter is possibly even better than the last one. I feel so sorry for Mac though. The way he is fighting with all of the emotions is really good, and I really like the short bit where his powerlessness sort of turns into anger toward Stella. I also like the part where Stella wakes up, it's really sweet and not overdone in any way. :)

- Lou. :D
3/22/2013 c2 Strandstorken
You evil English person! :P If I hadn't already read chapter three I'd be very unhappy with this cliffhanger!
Anyway, as I've said, I love this chapter, especially how Mac kind of makes fun of Stella at first, but still worries. The scene with Adam is brilliant as well.
The ending is really, really well written! The sudden change between the scene with the girl, and the car speeding towards them really underlines how fast everything is going in that part, and the descriptions in the rest of the chapter are, as always, really great. I hope I don't sound to fan-girlish, but this is brilliantly written! :D
Now, on to review chapter three. XD

- Lou :D
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