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4/21/2013 c8 17Moonsway
Oh, what a place to end the chapter! Great, sexy tease with this. Boy, Carol is more experienced than I would have imagined. I'm glad she finally has a man worthy of it, and interested in satisfying her too.
This chapter was worth the wait. It's funny how something you would think would be the easiest thing in the world to write can sometimes give you so much trouble. I'm glad that you were able to continue the story.
4/21/2013 c8 6Brazen Hussy
Hurray, you're back! I've missed Marol filth! More Plum Crisp please!
4/21/2013 c8 42Ravenesque2
OMG! The hot flashes! The drool! The happy daydream imagining Carol going down... Phew, just thought I'd let you know I'd read it and now I might just go read it again...and again. LOL.
3/29/2013 c7 2bonnyblonde
Well...ahem. Not a pairing I would have seen but whoa, momma! Good build up!
3/28/2013 c7 62Noxid Anamchara
I like the addition of the scar. Of course, I always like the addition of scars, they are one of my favorite things to write about. I think it was good to add that in there, give them that moment to connect even if Merle won't openly admit to it.

And the smut - eh. It's just smut, lol. Nobody wants to see thaaat.
3/28/2013 c7 46BustersJezebel
Hey WEL, you're right a short chapter is better than no chapter at all. I'm really enjoying the humour you're blending with this. Particulary the "mental" Daryl sitting on Carol's shoulder. And I'm looking forward to you shipping Rooker anyway with anyone. And the threesome? Hell yeah! Bring it on!
3/21/2013 c7 Guest
Your fic is good I really like it but I'd rather to wait 'till the chapter instead to read a simple description of Merle's skin! We would like to know what will happen after they had sex... so please don't be long!
3/21/2013 c7 17Moonsway
I hate writer's block! It happens to me all the time. You're right, though, that a short chapter is better than no chapter. It's funny how you can get blocked even when writing a sex scene, which would seem to be easy. Performance anxiety, I guess. Excuse the pun. You just desperately want to get it right between the characters.

I think you're doing a great job with Carol and Merle. This part was sweet, with Merle not knowing how to deal with her admiration and turning to sarcasm. I love the line at the end about her doing better things with her hand. So spot on!

I can't tell you how many stories on here I've started reading that turned out to be completely out of character. I mean, not even close. The female desire to change these men is alive and well in many fanfiction writers. For me, it completely takes away from the sexiness of these characters when they turn them into lovesick puppies.

I'm glad that you're keeping it real. It makes the story smoking hot!
3/21/2013 c7 LisaBoston
Very nice :)
3/21/2013 c7 Limaro
Your research pays off. Thank you for making that sacrifice for us! You give and you give...
Desert Storm hero? Will wonders never cease?
3/21/2013 c7 4tiffini42112
Hi. I just found this story and I must say I'm hooked. I've never really thought about a merle carol paring before but I find it to be amusing in the best way. Loved it and please update soon. No pressure lol.
3/21/2013 c7 Lilone1776
Even though I must admit I am waiting for the consummation with bated breath, I enjoy the pauses in between. I think because even though it is just a physical connection they are both seeking, I hope they find a little more. :) Wouldn't they both be surprised! (As well as the rest of the group).
3/21/2013 c7 11Ashvarden
Great use of description! I love this fic so muh. :)
3/21/2013 c7 9Athlete Girl
3/21/2013 c7 67poetic heart 75
Wow. This is a good little short story. I'm enjoying it. I meant to leave comments on the other chapters too, but the words escaped me. So, I waited until the last one. I can't wait to read more.
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