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for Unfortunately Unbreakable

6/20/2016 c4 tneha
Brilliant and hilarious as hell. Loved it.
6/20/2016 c4 86Yanagi-wa
This is really good. I spent most of it either snickering or wondering what the? Great work.
4/11/2016 c4 Guest
Damn so it was him doing it... i thought it was.. well.. due to not wanting to spoil incase someone who hasnt read the story reads this ill just say: someone else.
3/8/2016 c4 5Kurasabe
So in the end the Power he knew not was an old contract and the most awesome house elf ever?
It's official, Dobby's fucking awesome! XD
2/5/2016 c4 pikachucat
12/31/2015 c4 2GeorgeTobor
Forced marriage is like rape.

I hate the stories where some marriage law or contract is used to let Draco or some other pureblood take advantage of Hermione or anyone.

And these are the people who fought a dark lord? They just give up?

Love this one!
9/28/2015 c4 Guest
Plague Rat Parkinson, weapon of mass destruction.

Simply fantastic!
8/24/2015 c4 Smile Black
Yeah that was good as well :)
7/29/2015 c4 20thepkrmgc
it seems like "the power he knows not" is infectious disease, it might be sad if the wizarding world didnt deserve to be annihilated
7/29/2015 c3 thepkrmgc
oh dear, i should have known you wouldnt forget that "wasting disease"
7/29/2015 c2 thepkrmgc
a dragons rage is to be feared, but its got nothing on harry's utter frustration
7/29/2015 c1 thepkrmgc
I dont know why, but your asshole!harry is very amusing
7/26/2015 c4 Guest
Voldie's dead, Dumbles is dead, the purebloods are squibs, and the Plague Rat (Love that!) is dead.

All was well, assuming that Ginny somehow got killed off.
2/15/2015 c4 Fick Chick
Couldn't Pansy's brother have just adopted an heir like Harry adopted Sirius?
12/24/2014 c4 jon reeve
Go Dobby! For the people who didn't read between the lines...
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