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7/29/2013 c11 ADeletedUser
Ooooh! Smut Scene! Finally!
LOL I'm on Tyson side! xD Ahahaha... He's too funny!
Whatever was his he would never share her as she was his and only his and what was his; would never be touched.
That sounds so sweet but so protective... Sounds like Kai a lot :D
Update soon! x
7/26/2013 c10 Killerex.R21
Lol Tyson has to make his entrance in a middle of a love scene xD
Update soon! xx
7/19/2013 c11 2Ms. Essential
A love scene between Kai and Robyn, some anticipation for some readers but good.
Tyson well his entrance was un-expected; and yet I thought it was Tala.
He would've been a dead man.
7/8/2013 c11 MahjabinMaliha.Milow
I haven't reviewed for a long time ... :/
Update the next chappie soon ! :D
Waiting for a looooonnnggg time ... :(
7/2/2013 c11 2Blazedoll
Nice! A wedding, looking forward to that :D
6/17/2013 c11 1xyasminx2
More more more :D xx
6/16/2013 c11 5Writerk1
I love your story more each and every chapter...It full of love! Great Update and Good Luck:)
6/16/2013 c11 xXFaith.22Xx
Such a romantic chapter until Tyson ruined it...
Well who could blame him -.-'
Wow... Kai's the one who's asking questions now. Lol it would have been funny if Robyn replied with one of Kai's 'Hn' :D
I wonder is Kai will show Robyn off to the others if Tyson invites them to his wedding... Did he already have his wedding?
Good luck for the next chapter though and wish you all the best! xx
6/16/2013 c11 Lullaby-Babii
Kyaahh! SO CUTE!
Kai is so romantic but a cold-hearted sexy devil! *_*
It's official... I love this chapter but TYSON YOU BAKA! (Heh heh see I used a Japanese word) xD
I hope Kai got a blueprint for Tyson and Tala and lecture them but Kai isn't much of a talking one... *sigh* Oh well. Tyson and Hilary married hmmm that's true that there alike.
Anyways good luck babe! xx
6/16/2013 c11 Mr.Drizzy
Kai seems to really love his wife... But show it in a very confusing way.
Tyson... *sigh* What shall I say about him?! He disrupted Kai and Robyn love scene!
Just when Kai wanted to show his real affection!
Don't kill Tyson... It was really unexpected for him to pop up in the story.
Such as this, nice update and wish da best! (;
6/16/2013 c11 Smile-Chica
Reading the whole story... This the first time Robyn revealed something without some hesitation to show Kai a.k.a Husband her body.
Since he seen her in lingerie I guess it wasn't enough for Kai.
But the story is super cool!
PLEASE DON'T KILL TYSON, KAI! Tyson is to funny to kill and he's mine! Mwahahaha!
6/16/2013 c11 XxKhloexX
This chapter got to be the chapter were Kai and Robyn got really close.
I wonder what'll happen later and poor Robyn I hope her foot get's better!
Enough of my blabble thanks for the update Onee-Chan and take care! xx
6/12/2013 c10 2Blazedoll
Again good details. There is so much lack of communication between the two, well, thanks to Kai's arrogance for that. But its good to see somebody is reaching beyond his cold demeanor.
6/12/2013 c9 Blazedoll
Nice detailing in the chapter. Sweet moments and good writing. ;)
6/6/2013 c10 1xyasminx2
I didn't even realise you had put this chapter up :p

Really loving this story babe xx
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