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1/6/2016 c10 1raven1214
Plz update the story is so good
8/17/2014 c9 23manapohaku2
ok so this is supposed to be a 4some pairing?
3/22/2014 c1 1scarletcat969
write more for this and boo. they're really good. if you don't i know where you are GAARRA! ;) lol. love you. you going to blues con?
2/17/2014 c8 scarletcat969
nice job you bitch. i like it but where's the smut! will gaara have sex with his twin? that would be odd to see. write more.
5/17/2013 c5 1kraziness-kills
Glad you updated can't wait until Saturday
3/29/2013 c4 2Undertakersonlyfriend
You have to continue this story! Please... I don't review often... But I am here and reading every chapter. I wait for the next update, I just hope it comes... I really like this story... It is one of my favorite story's :)
3/29/2013 c4 Inuyasha-gothgirllover93
Can't wait for the next chapter
3/29/2013 c4 1kraziness-kills
Who knew the Akatsuki had such kind members in it. Story just got five more time interesting than I thought ready for the next chapter.
3/29/2013 c4 Guest
Another good chapter
3/28/2013 c3 Inuyasha-gothgirllover93
lol someone in trouble
3/28/2013 c2 Inuyasha-gothgirllover93
Garrafreak6 (twin) I feel a good story coming on
3/28/2013 c1 Inuyasha-gothgirllover93
Well Garrafreak6 I love this chapter and had me laughing at one point nothing like stopping a rumor in the wide open view ;)
3/15/2013 c3 KitsuneHime18x
I really do like, your own character, she is very interesting, and with the other characters i say it adds to the story, i was surprise the ANBU was Sai, cant wait for the next chap!
3/13/2013 c3 1xXBlackBeautyXx
U r fine. I love it so far it just makes me more curious! Keep going pwease!
3/13/2013 c3 1kraziness-kills
Glad you updated. Then you leave with her missing. Now I need the next chapter :)
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