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for This isn't love (English Version)

6/2/2014 c2 Guest
4/23/2014 c2 113satan-chillin
aurgh. sequel!
1/24/2014 c2 1secretparadise.mine
7/27/2013 c2 syusuke fuji
Akashi's pregnant and he went away?.. I wanna know what's gonna happen next, like what will their child look like? what's gonna be the hair color and the eyes... Anyway it's an awesome story...
5/23/2013 c2 anonymous
5/4/2013 c2 Guest
Please translate the sequel! I managed to find the original version and translate it with Google, but it's so unclear...I'm so curious to find out what happens next, So please, please, please, please translate the sequel!
5/4/2013 c1 Guest
Awesome story, Please update soon!
5/1/2013 c2 rin-hisagi
yeesss.. .
please translate it tooo
4/10/2013 c2 ichigo.gyunyu.12
Plz translate everything! I wanna read it's sequel so bad! In my opinion, this couldn't be ended like this! It really must be contiued! Akashi said that he would be back after 2 years, why don't the author write about the time Akashi comes back and meets Aomine? What will happen to Akashi and his child and Aomine too in 2 years ahead? This gotta be continued!
4/3/2013 c1 Guest
You're a great translator And this is a very good story Please continue translating!
4/3/2013 c1 lilasin101
yess. its botherin me what happens next.
4/2/2013 c2 6kamuinoyume
Yes please! I'd love it if you could translate the sequel! And thank you for your hard work!
3/30/2013 c2 TheReihani
oh yes please !
3/30/2013 c2 10sinpon
Ugh yes finally!
This is so sad though
What will Aomine do ; A;
Dont just do nothing Aomine! ; A;
Thanks again for trabslating :D
3/30/2013 c2 TunaForDesert
Oh yes please!
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