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8/23/2020 c14 Guest
Wish you would continue this even all these years later.
8/23/2020 c13 Guest
So sorry to hear about your dad.
8/23/2020 c11 Guest
Don't beat yourself up. Your story is very good. You could do more chapters with toddler Neal, then progress to school-age, adolescent, teenage and young adult Neal. Just my opinion.
8/23/2020 c9 Guest
This is a really good story and I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter!
6/1/2019 c14 Ficyes
Little neal who cries and laughs and loved are always the best. Thank you so much for sharing. Too be there are only 14 chapters.
4/13/2018 c14 lilyflower101
I beg of you write more for this. :-)
1/28/2018 c3 2jacks marie
Love this Breakfast story...
1/27/2018 c14 jacks marie
You really should update this..Very good wrting...
6/19/2017 c11 Leslie Hughes
First of all, if people don't like Neal as a baby stories, there are hundreds of other stories to read. Personally I love the Neal as a baby/child stories. Give you a chance to see what El and Peter would be like as parents. Thank you for an entertaining story.
2/21/2017 c11 Leslie Hughes
Thanks so much for this story. I love deaged Neal with Peter and El as his parents. There are so many things Neal could get into and lots of ways for Neal whump. Running around outside naked, getting the chicken pox or measles. He's so cute as an adult, I can only imagine how cute he would be as a toddler.
1/21/2017 c11 Leslie Hughes
I LOVE the toddler Neal stories and how El and Peter act as parents and take care of him. There are so many things a toddler can get into. I loved him running around with his little naked behind showing. Thanks for the entertainment
12/17/2016 c11 Leslie Hughes
I love the deaged Neal stories and having Peter and El take care of him. Would love to see him get into more mischief. I'm sure 2 year olds have tons of ideas. Thanks for entertaining me!
9/21/2016 c11 Leslie Hughes
Personally, I like Neal as a baby with El and Peter as his parents. He's adorable as an adult, but He would be stunning as a child. There are so many things he could get into and still be cute. He could run around naked, he could get into all kinds of trouble in the kitchen. It's your story and up to you, but I love it as it is.
6/25/2016 c14 8JoeNeal
Lol.. cute chapter. I really don't know what happened. Why did you stop? U must definitely continue this story. It's really simple and easy to read. U can go further by aging Neal little by little and then the adventures that could come along with that?

Whatever you decide... I will definitely read it :)
6/25/2016 c12 JoeNeal
Lol lol lol... this chapterhad me laughing so hard. Awesome.
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