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6/25/2016 c11 8JoeNeal
Don't mind the negative reviews. You are doing an awesome job so far
6/25/2016 c10 JoeNeal
They are home and Neal is safe with the Burkes :)
6/25/2016 c9 JoeNeal
Shit! Poir baby! Thank God he is okay though
6/25/2016 c8 JoeNeal
Lol.. Sara was so surprised!
6/25/2016 c7 JoeNeal
Definitely Peter and El make natural parents.
6/25/2016 c6 JoeNeal
Okay so what was in the box?
6/25/2016 c5 JoeNeal
Okay so now we know what happened
6/25/2016 c4 JoeNeal
Lol.. Neal telling Peter to apologise was so cute.
6/24/2016 c3 JoeNeal
Whoa! Neal not hood.. throwing tantrums like that!
6/24/2016 c2 JoeNeal
Lol.. poor Peter!
6/24/2016 c1 JoeNeal
Great start. Wonder what happened to Neal?
4/8/2016 c14 JimChou
Just read the whole story. So cute and funny and all over loveable. I know it's a long time now and you haven't updated. It's a pity because your writing is quite good; I've read a lot of fanfic here and your skills are quite on the upper range; good plot, easy to read, descriptions and dialogs spot on. We are here for entertainment and you bring what is needed after a day at work. I hope you didn't stop because of some bad messages; be sure many people would follow your story again if you would give it a try. You could have Neal grow up a few years at a time (like he is two when they put him to sleep and is four when he wakes up in the morning and so on). You could also imagine what's up with the box. Thanks. And I wish you all the best.
4/8/2016 c4 JimChou
So cute and quite in character as well! Just don't understand why Peter disposed of the box so soon; Neal could have played house or castle or whatever for ages with it!
11/15/2015 c14 1Tbookworm
I just found your story. Baby Neal is adorable. Thank you for sharing your work. I don't know why you stopped updating this story, but I hope that you will decide to finish it at some point.
5/9/2015 c14 2BYoshi1993
Your story lives up to its title. I love it.
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