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11/11/2014 c1 TheTrueLunarHuntress
Cant wait for the next chapter!
7/6/2013 c1 6Thespurgin
hmmm... potential.
6/11/2013 c1 Guest
Wizardmon. He is Badass.
3/20/2013 c1 37NeoTyson
I don't kno really anything bout the vampire series but this does seem interesting since it has digimon in it
3/15/2013 c1 11Ice Wolf Fang
fanglongmon is gold azulonmon is blue and don't be throwing a fit i'm just pointing out a mistake and how about dorumon he may hunch over but he's not exactly a quadruped plus his mega level is alphamon a royal knight or DORUgoramon if you want his more 'technichal' mega
3/8/2013 c1 1NIX'S WARDEN
I vote for Angimon!
3/8/2013 c1 Guest
The name of the 2 headed turtle digimon is Ebonwumon and you did spell the other digimon.'s name right.

P.S. I looked both up.
3/8/2013 c1 Guest
I'm under debate for this story.
3/8/2013 c1 10Baron von Nobody
Well... first off, for future reference for later... the five Digimon Sovereigns/Holy Beasts are...

Ebonwumon of the North (Turtle)
Zhuqiaomon of the South (Phoenix)
Azulongmon of the East (Dragon)
Baihumon of the West (Tiger)
and finally, Fanglongmon of the Center, who you already mentioned.

I'd also suggest Terriermon due to his laxed nature, bi-pedal all the way, and the fact that he can turn into many versions of a gun Bunny... Gargomon, Rapidmon, and Megagargomon

Another suggestio would be Gaomon, due to his fighting spirit, and the fact that his rookie form, ultimate form, and Mega form are Bi bedal...

For one outside the box... I suggest Wizardmon, who is a fan favorite, and can turn into Mistymon, a sort of Mystic knight type digimon... and finally into Dynasmon, who I'm sure you recognize from Frontier and Data Squad as one of the Royal Knights...

And finally, one that is really out of the box, the guy that easily can represent the best of digimon... Leomon... enough said...

Well, whatever you plan on doing, good luck with this... My biggest suggestion would be to have this digimon end up paired with Tsukune as a potential partner... since he would be the only human in the school, and digmon digivolve fastest when paired with humans...

good luck...

Mr. Nobody

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