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for Songs of Aurelius: The Spirit of The Millennium Mirror

5/25/2017 c17 myarosado049
Want to read battle city when will pop up?
5/6/2017 c17 Guest
when chapter pop up?
3/14/2017 c16 Guest
11/25/2016 c17 Guest
Please update it's so good
1/21/2016 c17 Guest
Please update! This story is really nice about how Aurelius slowly starts remembering parts of her lives she spent and when she was with Yami. I like how Yami/Yugi and Hikari/Aurelius relationship is slowly blossoming into something more. The pace is really nice. So please update soon!
12/20/2015 c17 Guest
Love the previews of the next chapter. They give the readers a gist of what is going till happen in the next chapter and the readers would want to continue reading to find out fully what happens. This story is amazing! Please continue it!
11/30/2015 c17 Guest
Please continue the story! I beg of you! _ This syory is too wonderful to be stopped here!
11/26/2015 c17 Guest
Please post more chapters! _
This story is awesome! U can't let it end here!
11/17/2015 c17 Guest
Pls pls pls plssss continue this story! _ This story is absolutely amazing and wonderful!
11/5/2015 c17 8LeafeonLover
This story is quite interesting but i feel like the story is a bit rushed sometimes. As for the next chapter i woukdnt mind if you skipped to the date episode.
8/29/2015 c17 6J.M.Weezy
I can't wait to see how you put that together. I wait anxiously for the next chapter
6/25/2014 c17 4jeskasaurus
I hope you will update again! i'm loving this one.
4/4/2014 c17 Guest
Discontinued? Please say no!
1/10/2014 c17 TheCheshireCat01
It was beautiful!
More please!
11/29/2013 c17 Guest
Awe so romantic can't wait what happens next time in the new update chapter
Keep going with it its going great
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