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3/13/2015 c4 4WeirdyTheFangirl
CAMMIECAMMIECAMMIE! Woohoo Tadakuto gaaah bless. I loove Tadakuto bc it leaves Amu without main love interests but thats ok! And I love the little town (by a seaside I like to think. Like a small Spanish village/town. That's the aesthetic I got anyway... idk)

And of course I'm going to bring up Rimahiko bc I LOVE Nagihiko/Rima childhood "friends" (or... idk, Rima was like his bully but he was awed and oh no) and you portray them .LY. Just everything about them and idfk why it makes me think of the song Carla by Life in Film. Not the lyrics, the music.

Dont look at me, your writing is too much
6/21/2014 c4 1BuBuBoom
What?! I never reviewed this?! My bad... :/

Well, I reread this again. Still good! Bwaha, I totally love the bit where Kukai is interrogating Tadase. :D

Favorite lines: [He couldn't even imagine what it would be like when, or rather if, Ikuto ever kissed him.

Or maybe they would do more that that...] #(%& ! :OOOOOOOO
Dang, Tadase. :DDDD

["I... I really like you too," he finally managed to say, his heart beating so rapidly he was sure he would just fall over dead in this moment.] Aww! Tadase is just so cute! :]

Are you still continuing this? I hope you are! This is getting REALLY good. :)))))
4/12/2014 c4 Arabiom
Great story! update ASAP please C:
3/6/2014 c4 40PikaBolt101
Awesome! Please update soon!
3/4/2014 c4 CLOSED000432134
Woohoo! They like each other! IkutoxTadase moment! :D

It's been a while since I've read this story, I'll have to go back one day and read it again... nice work so far. :)
6/24/2013 c3 1BuBuBoom

Wow. I REALLY enjoyed reading this chapter. I'm bummed out that there's no more chapters for me to read. :(

Favorite lines:
1. [Despite himself, Tadase found himself blushing. He was never one to fall from someone just based on appearances but... this guy was really hot.] Yes. :D
I approve of this line. Hahaha.

2. [He would love to just place his mouth against Ikuto's so the boy had no chance of speaking anymore, but that was impractical, and no matter how attractive he was, Tadase did not think it wise to kiss someone mere minutes after meeting them.] He totally should have! One of these chapters... he needs to do it!

Curse you, Cammie Fujisaki! (No, not really) Now I'm dying to know why the town hates Ikuto! Argh! This is going to haunt me until I find out!

I'm trying to figure out if this is heading towards the supernatural direction... or not. Hmm... Well, I hope you update soon. I saw on your profile that this story might be on Hiatus. NoOoOoOoO! But then again, it's your story. You have the ultimate decision... But I really hope you update soon! (No pressure). :D

'Til next time!
6/24/2013 c2 BuBuBoom
Very interesting chapter. Though I wondered why Nagihiko didn't just tell his friends that maybe the 'guy on the motorcycle' was just visiting someone and left... or maybe he was passing through... Well, I'm not sure. This is YOUR story after all. And I'm definitely curious to see what's up with this mysterious fellow... and why Nagi and Rima were acting strange. :D

Favorite line: ["Maybe I should go gay; then I could have someone who appreciates me."] LMFAO! Oh, Kukai... XD

Poor Fuyuki. I feel bad for the boy, but I totally love the support that Nagi is getting from his friends. Ha! I love the Rimahiko bits you have here. :DDDDD

Can't wait for some Tadase/Ikuto interactions, so I'm off to the next chapter!
6/7/2013 c1 4WeirdyTheFangirl
Aw, i love the hint of Rimahiko u this story is really starting to seem interesting :D update chappie 4 soon pwease? shanks :D
4/6/2013 c2 Guest
This story is very cute and I'm really enjoying it. Update whenever you can.
3/21/2013 c1 1BuBuBoom
Advanced Chemistry? Try College! It has drained me soooo much! I just finished final exams, and I'm ready to hibernate. :DDDDDD

Now for your story... I like it! So far... I have two favorite parts:
1. When the guy on the motorcycle (whom I presume is Ikuto) looked back at Tadase! Gah! My inner Yaoi fangirl is coming out (which I thought I locked away since I was starting to have an unhealthy obsession. ;D)
I really can't wait until they actually meet. They don't know each other yet, right? That's what I'm getting at.

2. When Nagi's friends were teasing him about his crush. LOL. Yes, put some good Rimahiko scenes. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Another thing I want to comment on is that I really like how it's just Tadase, Nagi, Kukai and Amu for right now. You don't overwhelm the reader with a bunch of characters thrown in at the same time. I applaud you for that.

Keep writing because I like it so far. It's sooo well-written! Thank you! Can't wait for the next chapter :)
3/16/2013 c1 3Evidence Of Rain
Um. Hi.
First of all, I really like the amount of humor you put into this. Parts of it actually made me laugh, such as 'Mrs. Mashiro Nagihiko', 'a sort of crab-walk' and 'Not a word, Hotori'. The overall tone of the piece is really good.
Next, and I don't mean to offend you with this, but the motorcycle part really reminds me of the anime Durarara. Just how the time seems to slow down as this mysterious guy (no one knows who it is *cough*) is going by. It's not a bad thing, my mind just made the connection and I thought I'd point it out.
As I was reading, I noticed some errors. In the sentence "Their was a loud thunk as Kukai's hand his the hard wood of a dresser, and the boy cried out as he hugged his hand to his chest", the 'their' should be 'there' and 'his' should be 'hit'. It should be "There was a loud thunk as Kukai's hand hit the hard wood of a dresser, and the boy cried out as he hugged his hand to his chest".
The sentence "Tadase opened the door to said room to find that it was more or less exactly like Amu's, except for that it was a bit larger and there were two futons inside it" doesn't seem to flow very well to me. It might be improved by replacing 'said' with 'the', as well as omitting the words 'exactly' and 'for that'. The sentence then becomes "Tadase opened the door to the room to find that it was more or less like Amu's, except it was a bit larger and there were two futons inside it".
There's a quotation mark missing at the end of "I'm not that stupid!" and an extra comma at "Kukai muttered as he turned away". There are a few other little things scattered about, but it's fairly well written. Just make sure you proof read, and if you're not sure, you can always get a beta to look it over for you.
Finally, I'd like to apologize for seemingly falling off the face of the earth. I'm sorry for suddenly not reviewing your other stories, but I'm back now, and ready to read and review. You can PM me any time if you want to talk.
I enjoyed this piece, and I'm looking forward to seeing the plot progress. And, of course, I'm equally here for the Takuto ;)
I wish you inspiration and favorable conditions! Happy writing!
3/9/2013 c1 CLOSED000432134
It's been so long since I've read an IkutoxTadase story. I like it so far. Keep up the good work :)

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