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for Ash's Unheard Message

7/5/2013 c1 NotAProphet
That is awesome i did always wonder what Ash wanted to tell Dean and now I have a rough idea :)
3/12/2013 c1 21My2BrownEyes
Wow. What an awesome theory. And I really liked the perspective. I felt like I was in Ash's head. My head still feels full, overly full with...everything. Ugh, if this is what Ash felt like all the time no wonder he was always drinking.
3/9/2013 c1 40CherylB1964
I had always wondered what was so important that the Demons attacked the roadhouse. And I now can't get the image of Gabriel and Ash sitting around having drinking games.

I just realized this explains how Ash was able to tap into Angel Radio and go from Heaven to Heaven after he died.
3/8/2013 c1 justsimplymeagain
I expected this to be interesting, have to say that it's more then that. It makes perfect sense and right down the SPN alley it's not even funny. It would make sense to have Ash as something more then just who you saw him as. And to have him as an Angel of Death, we haven't seen one of those in SPN as far as I know. Reapers yes, but not an Angel that handles death.

And his interactions with Azazel was great and very fitting, which leads me to bringing up the fight scene that you had in this. It fits smoothly and nicely paced. It leaves little to imagination while not choking you with winded explanations.

It's too bad he didn't get to give Dean that 'heads up' like he wanted to, but he knows that everything will be okay more or less. Hah though I could see him getting an ear full from Ellen and Jo for that matter, doubt it would happen but it's a funny thought.

I bet the hunters didn't expect that sort of situation did they. That Ash the resident drunk and genius who gets information and whatnot is actually an Angel of Death who already knows everything and probably lounges around until he decided he had enough to 'search' for information.

This is a great, great story and fits into the show like a well fitting glove. Or a well fitting Amari suit lol... Anywho... Like I said a great story and a fav for sure. I do hope to see that other story for "The Dark Side of the Moon".
3/8/2013 c1 11kb18142
That was intense!
And Ash an archangel? Would that it happened on the show!

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