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for A True Friend

11/6/2017 c14 3PastOneonta
Sometimes we are very grateful for Neal's anklet. Peter would not have found him without it. Peter was a good friend in this story. Thanks for sharing.
10/18/2013 c4 25Solstice1394
You should post you're story in 58632. html because it's a master list of Neal being hurt/sick/ grief/ toutured/ kifnapped/ OT3 gen/ whatever hurt comfort you can think of it is just go to the website if you don't believe me. Just post it with a comment.
7/8/2013 c14 13last1stnding
Very sweet chapter. I really love these Peter-Neal scenes; well done.
7/6/2013 c13 Guest
7/8/2013 c14 3gigipadaswan
Please update soon! This so sweet and fluffy!
7/7/2013 c14 48BlueDiamondStar
quite frankly I had forgotten about this, but suddenly it stood in the recent fics listing so I read it all over again and more as there were new chapters.

and I totally ignored what felt like distinct OOCness (because I couldn't figure out why Peter was driving around city with sick Neal instead of taking him straight to home).

so I really enjoyed all the fluffy cuteness and adorablesness. and of course hurt Neal (albeit his pain and endurance for such walk in that terrible weather confused me a bit, but I'm a medical geek)
7/7/2013 c14 97peppe1951
Neal lucked out when Peter became his handler because soon he also became his father, some one who truly cared about him...great chapter
4/24/2013 c4 3CecilyLightwood
This is so sweet! Thank you for showing an unusual side to Neal! He's usually so...Neal!, but it's nice to see a different part of him!
3/19/2013 c13 Guest
very nice story
3/19/2013 c9 5ngela
Their friendships are very beautiful. Please continue or make another one in which Peter sacrificed himself for Peter. This is great
3/18/2013 c4 Gloworm41
I love seeing Peter's paternal side when it comes to Neal. Terrific job on this.
3/18/2013 c1 Gloworm41
Very nice start to rhis story.
3/12/2013 c9 48BlueDiamondStar
Actually really lovely. Now I'm on hunt for that video because I just can't get enough of singing Matt, lol ;)
3/12/2013 c3 BlueDiamondStar
The true words they said to each other... *sniffles* I had some tears of my own.. so breathtakingly beautiful
3/10/2013 c7 Guest
I think the premise of your fic is great, but it's pretty unreadable in this format. You should go back and break paragraphs up more. When a new characters speaks, that should be a line break. And more line breaks in general would be helpful. Maybe a beta reader can help you sort things out. Definitely keep writing, I love the h/c themes of what you put out. Just make it more readable. Thanks!
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