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for Withered Hearts

2/26/2019 c1 6Shian1998
Great one-shot for 'Oz the Great and Powerful'. Definitely felt bad for Theodora after she was lied to and used by Evanora. Liked the way you showed her thoughts during her transformation here. Good job with it. :)
4/27/2013 c1 2anitaupstairs
Definitely enjoy!
3/16/2013 c1 sarahthevamp
please continue!
3/14/2013 c1 1kbilovemcr123
I love the descriptions of what Theodora was going through during her transformation. Evanora is a bitch. She's the real villain and used her baby sister as a pawn but Theodora ended up taking over the show because she just didn't a crap anymore about appearances and was out for blood.
3/11/2013 c1 13Jokermask18
Very good. And yeah, you should definitely feel some sympathy for theadors but there were more than a few sign that she was a bit disturbed,probably because of Evanora
3/11/2013 c1 12CrowsDelight
I'm so sad for what happened to Theodora :C I thought her and Oscar would end up together, but jealousy is a terrible thing.

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