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3/20/2013 c1 10Darksabre35
Super cute!:)

Your descriptions were really detailed, and I'm SO glad someone took it upon themselves to write the 'missing' proposal scene! It was really cute, amusing, and kind of dorky too, very 'A/T-ish'. I agree with SiouxFan and Fish; Anakin will be teased for the rest of his LIFE about putting the ring on Tahiri's finger BEFORE he actually proposed.

Great work, and I hope to see more from you in the future.
3/20/2013 c1 17Boris Yeltsin
Hope you'll write some more SW stories.
3/16/2013 c1 2SiouxFan
Hmmm...I agree with Fish, his putting the ring on BEFORE he asked will make him the butt of jokes for many years to come. "Grandma, tell me again about the time Grandpa assumed that you'd say 'Yes'."

Nicely played!
3/11/2013 c1 12An Origami Fish
Hi again ). Now that it's officially up, here's my review for it. One of the things that makes the beginning so fun on a completely unintentional level is that it could easily coincide with SiouxFan's fic, where he has Jacen say Anakin and Tahiri have sought out 'alternative sleeping arrangements'. The next thing that's fun about my little universe is that I've already established that alternative timelines are possible, so this could very well happen ).

This was full of A/T mush, probably on a level I'd never be able to get to, though I did think slipping on a ring like that was very, very 'unwise' for Hero Boy, even if she was going to say 'yes' in the end. Expect to see a couple of references to this little moment when the sequel goes up P

Good job, and thanks again for helping to make my universe a bigger place.
-An Origami Fish

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