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11/15 c23 1Icy eyed Angel
Your story is awesome! Pls update it! Can't wait to see Jax reaction when he finds out and the reconcil. of dana with her brother and dad! This last chapter was amazing
9/3 c23 bostongirl527
This SOA FF is the best ive read. Disappointing that you dont seem to be continuing. You mentioned that you thought people lost interest. I cant imagine that being the case with this story it might be more like they just forgot because the updates are far apart. Anyway I hope you continue it one day i love it !
8/21 c23 Guest
will you finish this story?
8/5 c23 BlueBloodsSVUOrder
Are you going to continue this?
Would love to read more Jax and Dana.
4/19 c1 9JimmyHall24
The crimes people in the US gov get away with make Outlaw MC look like Girl Scouts who wanna sell you some cookies.

I clicked on this mainly cause i suspect she is suppose to look like Natasha. Let’s see where this ride takes me. :P
4/4 c23 Guest

3/4 c23 Guest

2/29 c6 HorrorFan13
Glad she told jax off
12/13/2019 c23 Guest
9/17/2019 c1 Missydissy
Keep going! Most well developed original character I’ve read in years, published or not. X
9/2/2019 c23 1bucky-b4rnes
I just found this story and I love it. You’re a fantastic writer and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
8/15/2019 c23 Guest
Forgot to say

Don't want Cupcake being a bitch regarding her father and brother.

She will get strength from Jax for courage in seeing her dad.
Not saying she doesn't have strength, She needs a different kind and this strength she'll will get from Jax.
8/15/2019 c23 Guest
More Cupcake and Fabio Please.

Please keep going.

Love this story.

Hope Dana Visit's her dad and Jax is there with her.
Hope Dana and Jax meet Brannon when visiting her dad.
8/15/2019 c23 Intemperance24
u r a slow writer.. but hope u continue the story..
7/24/2019 c23 Bjosefine
Found this story and practically chugged it down in a couple of days! This is the first good SoA ff i’ve found so far and it’s sooo good! Can’t wait to read more keep it up it’s amazing!
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