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for Ryuga's wish

7/1/2020 c13 mathu4397
New chapters
4/13/2019 c13 Kuroko izuku-s.r
I thought ryuga would make a hickey or make a move on ginga i ship kyoyaXgingaXryuga would you mind if you can make a fanfic about the three?
4/5/2019 c13 Guest
Pretty awesome. Please continueeeee
2/13/2019 c13 Guest
I want the story after chapter 13 and if it was happen in Anime and somehow rayuga don't had to die then I would be not sad till now whenever I watch that episode every time I felt so sad that I can't able to control my emotions and burst with tears but again the owner didn't continue after that series .that idea I didn't like it all .I mean gingka and rayuga are still the best character s in Beyblade and noone can even forget about them everyone must miss that anime .but then they continue to show us useless Beyblade saga like after the series of metal fury like beywheelz ,beyraidrz and they were so much boring to see this decrease the popularity of Beyblade . nowadays there is still a series going on that Beyblade burst it becomes fav of some people but cant be good as metal saga I want to request the owner to continue after the metal fury rather than wasting time in this message ,they will get better results if they I'm telling if rayuga and gingka battle together then they can even defeat God of destruction by themselves .and trust me I'm 18 and still watching the season again and again .I was watching Beyblade from metal series only when I was 10 and till now.
11/4/2018 c1 amperesimrblx
Terrible grammar.
9/11/2017 c13 BeaMc 166
Please continue the story ...
7/21/2017 c13 Guest
6/27/2017 c13 CANDY
WHERES DE YAOI ** its was okay?
4/10/2017 c13 3Huggani16
Please update, I reread this like a hundred times and till reading. Could you please update or at least tell when you plan to update?
6/16/2016 c13 Guest
Screw you ryuga died and even if he didn't he would not be gay especially with is rival
3/22/2016 c11 Guest
Never knew that kyoya has feelings for gingka . I actually knew that! Everyone likes him and he's my favourite cartoon character !
1/25/2016 c13 dewi
1/22/2016 c13 Willie Zhao
I didn't know Ryuga likes Ginga.
7/19/2015 c13 Neko Sakaki
When is the next one coming ?
7/19/2015 c8 Neko Sakaki
I can understand
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