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1/19/2021 c17 Gwoah for life
1/19/2021 c12 Gwoah for life
Nooooo, not Eva. I love her, even tho she got voted off second
9/11/2020 c8 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Why is their always that one dumbass that suggests splitting up.
9/10/2020 c6 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Welp, North and Lia now lost any chance at redemption for randomly attacking Cody and Sierra. They both better die.
6/28/2020 c13 FreneticGrape87
You should've had Shawn with Sky and Rodney, being a zombie survivalist and all. Amazing story so far!
6/4/2020 c11 Hibba
I''m reading thru who's alive and not and how the fuck is justin alive?! lmaoo
i liked this chapter lol
6/4/2020 c4 Hibba
WHY TYLER? WHYYY? meh poor boi didnt even get a chance ;(
but pretty good chapter overall
5/6/2020 c17 SC Heerenveen
Better late then never, right? Good thing I stayed tuned!
10/20/2019 c17 Chrisanthemum
I read this all in a day and require more. I'm really into this world and would love to see smaller timeframes between chapters.
10/20/2019 c17 Senor Trotsky
This. Is. Goddamn. Amazing! I don't usually do much reading, or even writing for that matter, when it comes to nowadays, but if this keeps getting updated then I'm definitely going to find a reason to come back. I only found this the other day and binged all chapters through the evening. Wish there was more to read, but I can wait to see what happens, hopefully it'll be updated before Mount & Blade: Bannerlord is released. I've noticed a few small spelling mistakes here and there, but that was mainly in the early chapters and they didn't disrupt my immersion.

Looking forward to see more character development and interaction, and even some more deaths here and there. Got an idea who might be up next on the chopping block. Also wondering if there will be a war of sorts between various groups that the surviving TD crew get involved in.

Anyway, since the crew is now trudging and surviving through the cold weather and prepare to brace against the coming blizzard storms, all I can say is this:

Heave lads! Ho lads!
Forget the comforts of home you’re a nomad
We've lost so much since we first started
Are our hearts cold or are we cold hearted?
So pray to your lord or your foreman
That the sun might rise in the morning
10/19/2019 c17 6DrakeyM
Glad this is updated again! Love me a good post-apocalyptic story. Doesn’t hurt that it’s set in the TD universe ;)
5/15/2019 c16 17Sonic155
The world is becoming more intense.
Cody, Mike, and Dawn, three of my favorite characters, are dead.
And the groups are still separated...
I want to stop reading this story, but I can't! It's just too good.
...Damn your impressive writing skills. I'm a fish caught on your hook.
3/10/2019 c5 FreneticGrape87
Please let Noah live!
12/13/2018 c16 Guest
9/15/2018 c9 VIPGuest
I swear all these chapters are rewritten? I don’t remember any of these plot lines
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