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10/27/2015 c9 16Child of Dreams
10/27/2015 c8 Child of Dreams
So true...
10/27/2015 c7 Child of Dreams
(smiles softly)
Goodnight, Gustave...
10/27/2015 c6 Child of Dreams
(eyes fill with tears)
Oh, my poor Erik...
10/27/2015 c5 Child of Dreams
(Eyes widen in horror)
Oh no...
10/27/2015 c4 Child of Dreams
10/27/2015 c3 Child of Dreams
(rolls eyes)
Really, Erik?
10/27/2015 c2 Child of Dreams
Poor Erik...so naive...so oblivious...
How can he NOT know that Gustave is his son?
Seriously, the boy looks almost exactly like him!
10/27/2015 c1 Child of Dreams
(sighs longingly)
If only Christine hadn't died on that pier...
9/28/2015 c9 40E.M.K.81
I just read your story from beginning to end. I really love how you describe how much being a father changes Erik. A very good story! Thank you!
4/23/2015 c9 38lead me to salvation
Aw, this is adorable! :) I really like the ending, and how you link it to the title, and Erik's thoughts are so realistic and just yeah. Wow. Love it! :)
4/21/2015 c9 63Erik'sTrueAngel
Aww! This chapter was so beautiful, simply utterly beautiful! I love that Erik is watching over Gustave as he slept and he is thinking about the past and his future. And while it is hard to accept someone's past but in the end... at least Erik realized his errors and how kidnapping the woman he loves wasn't the best idea, but at least Gustave was a product of their love. And I think I said this before but Christine would have approved of Helen and she is happy and proud of Erik and how he raised their son. I bet she is smiling down from Heaven at him. :)
12/10/2014 c2 8rohanyoshi
This looks so interesting!
4/30/2014 c3 6Gotham'sProphet
This was very refreshing to read after a day of university finals. Very well done. As history is one of my sole reasons for living, demonstrating your knowledge of it through your Erik's complete immersion in the world of the times is astounding. You've done your research, and I applaud you.

A fine chapter, as always.
4/18/2014 c2 Gotham'sProphet
For some reason, for the first half of the musical I'd always pictured Erik sort of like Batman standing above his kingdom, his Gotham as a sort of silent protector, judge, jury, and executioner. You really have captured his critiques and his thoughts on the human condition at the time. You have done your history, I can tell.
The "Look with Your Heart" scene is one scene I had definitely thought Erik would look in on, curious as to Christine and Gustave's relationship. This is beautiful, truly beautiful. Bravo.
And oh, Erik, you jealous and cynical man, you. His comments about Raoul make me smile.
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