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5/12 c1 Anon
Dude, I can't. I was going to give this a fair shot but the grammar and spelling here is just atrocious. This is the epitome of "Why you don't sort by most favorited on FF"
4/29 c28 3Archangel Change24
Seeeeeee I honestly would have had him tell Liara that he never wants to talk to her again unless it is critical for the mission or life or death. Something like thisOh and Liara?Yes?I don’t want you to talk to me ever again. Unless it is life or death or mission critical, don’t talk to me, hell don’t even approach me. I consider what you tried to do the same as attempted rape. Permission from the rest of the group does NOT make what you did okay in the slightest.”
12/18/2022 c22 williamkillian98
And it looks cooler to
12/18/2022 c22 williamkillian98
Soldier class is awesome because it gives you heavy armor
10/14/2022 c18 redeyehawk23
The dude is Batman honestly
10/12/2022 c7 redeyehawk23
The dude pulled a fucking BATMAN EXIT on her wtf
7/22/2022 c5 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
They sure talk a lot about food for horses and cows here.

Hay is food

Hey is a greeting or call
3/31/2022 c3 GloGang214
he was just thinking not to bring attention to his cloak and then goes and becomes visible in front of others. what's the deal?
2/15/2022 c24 4Vulviingah
I have Dyslexia aswell, so no worries
2/6/2022 c24 Sterndl
12/22/2021 c7 1 love m4gic
What abut "proximity alert"? His suit always tells him where people are but NOW, randomly and definitely not for plot reasons, it is not functioning so Reena can catch him in the "act"?! Really?!

I really hate when cheap "plot points" and elements like this f up an otherwise enjoyable story... like, seriously, i really think this could have been much more realistically and intricately done.
11/29/2021 c24 3Chaotic Pheonix
I don’t know if I said this or not but You are awesome at writing stories I love every story that you’ve written and I hope you keep making stories for years to come
11/26/2021 c3 Mondrial
I want to enjoy the story, but I keep finding minor and major factual errors(not to mention some spelling issues), like gunpowder guns being efficient against targets using ME armour with built-in kinetic shields that take multiple shots from ME guns that shoot tiny grains of metal sped up to ludicrous velocity, therefore generating insane amount of kinetic energy on imlact, magazines being called clips(clips are what you use with M1 Grand and SKS, small pieces of metal holding a bunch of rounds together), wildly inconsistent prices (90k creds for clothes yet 700 creds for a month's rent. Doesn't make sense, unless he went to ME equivalent of top of the line boutiques for jeans and a couple t-shirts.)
11/15/2021 c16 1YeTianshi
Seems like a bad idea to tell them that lie about the suit being grafted onto him. It's the kind of thing that would eventually get out, especially if he plans on working with Shepard and her crew at some point.
10/28/2021 c36 Guest
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