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6/17 c34 Benjamin Scott
A fascinated person in both your story and artwork for everything you've done five years ago. yet of course, to honour this series, I have decided to ask one thing upon me making my own fanfic: that I'd like to join you as a designer and reference manager. my own story I've set five years precisely into the future, where the heroes have changed a little over that time, such as new additions, hairstyles, dreams coming true, and an old enemy coming back as a wicked screamer! this fiction will also take place in five points in the globe, China, Egypt, Australia etc... I alone call this incredible adventure: Full Moon Legends!
5/25 c8 Greater guest
Every highschool stereotype in a novel ever. God.
2/19 c1 1Blitzwin
Really loving this story so far. Hope to see more chapters soon :)
1/5 c34 Bob
When is the new chapter coming
6/16/2017 c34 human8175
well then this is going to be interesting so this is the one when the fight aginst Ronald takes place where will the authorities hold him besides that containter that mutated him. things will be interesting for that one. and the surpise will be there when human fang users take the field I mean like you said there are 50 of them. I would not be surpised that a few of those end up in our hands. hell one of them could end up like guts carrying the dragon slayer etc. :P the black swordsmen. :D
6/15/2017 c34 6The P.B.G
Well this all seems very familiar
6/15/2017 c1 The P.B.G
Well this all seems very fmiliar
6/7/2017 c34 1Skywarp865
Well I certainly wasn't expecting this but boy was it good. There was a lot for Sarah to take in and boy did it blow her mind. I can see why Christie doesn't trust Ashley that much. if she know what Peter did for Ashley, I can't imagine the exchange between the two girls after went well. I bet Peter wished that was Christie kissing him subconsciously. Awesome chapter once again.

If this is how Sarah reacts to Peter becoming popular with the girls, imagine her response to Jaqueline's transformation.
6/5/2017 c34 1pokemonking0924
Whoa Peter/Alpha definitely has a lot of girls chasing after him and it looks like Rachael might be added to that list after that dare to kiss him from the other girls at the sleep over

Sarah has also been caught up to speed with the packs various adventures while she was gone (including some events from other stories based on this one), she was pretty shocked especially with finding out Mikey has a girlfriend and all the women who are interested in Peter
But I still have to wonder what Sarah has been really doing all this time (although I do know since I read her wiki page)

Now a new guy Charles makes an apperance and I can't help but wonder what his full story is that lead him to live with the Tabolts (it also looks like he and Jean have a crush on each other)
I also can't help but wonder what happened to Laura during the last chapter

Guess I'll find out next time
6/5/2017 c34 84Inudaughter Returns
Any fruits or vegetables? Ah the eternal question of the border to California. Nice to see that worked into literature. I like how she shouted, "no more bottle spinning." Ha, ha!
6/3/2017 c34 Matt22152
What about the part where Derek sees his little sister after so long?!
5/6/2017 c33 Inudaughter Returns
Thanks for the update! ;)
5/4/2017 c14 Horror fan.245
Love the strain refrence with Abraham.
4/28/2017 c33 human8175
that one line by sir john sums up all what he had done and what he had seen. he has a lot to atone to and it will all come back to hunt him in more ways then one. though I do not know if that will make peter back down from his oath to protect the city etc but that would shake him to the core especially when the fall out of it will hit home and he has to deal with it.

like how sarah made her return etc. and like how this went. though I will have the feeling that laura will get her ass handed to her at least once before the encounter that will turn her around. other wise like this. :D
4/25/2017 c33 6The P.B.G
How did I not notice this was up.

A fairly short and sweet chapter but with some nice wham moments put in. First off though Jean is just adorable during all of this and just seems so sweet how Peter and Sir John are protecting her. Its really cute how she trusts Peter so closely and really shows a growing bond. The fight scene is also well thought out and not to long, and had a sense of suspense which was really fun: although Peter figuring out his weapon did seem a little duce ex machania, it worked for what it was. Laura is coming across as a right jerk this chapter but is getting what she deserves from Sir John and I can't wait to see how this pans out.

Also Sarah is back in her new outfit and seems a lot more at peace with herself: I know what will roughly happen so I am suspecting that there may be some brainwashing but her return could not be cooler or hotter

This was a very flash backy chapter though, which I have mixed feelings over, but otherwise you managed to pull off really well
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