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4/24/2017 c33 1pokemonking0924
Well Peter/Alpha certainly has his hands full dealing with two girls who want to kill him, Rachel and Laura
At least he's starting to learn more about his Gravity Fang and started to bond to it
We also are starting to learn Laura's connection with Sir John Talbot and the drive of Rachel's hatred
Not to mention the surprise reappearance of Sarah

What has the pink werewolf been up too and where did she learn those skills since she has not been seen by the pack in a long time?
Can't wait to find out those answers and more

Also what is the story behind the dragon family featured in the Little Lost Wolf Girl Arc and how do they know the Talbot pack? (I bet another new story like "Full Moon High: the Strange Tale of Dr Jekyll and Miss Hyde" will explain the dragons origins sometime in the near future)
4/23/2017 c33 10Dimension Distorter
What is WITH these crazy girls!? Jesus Christ! I'm both jealous and NOT jealous of Peter and his life. The werewolf thing and mystical creatures being real is awesome! The trouble and crazy people, crazy werewolves AREN'T awesome.
4/23/2017 c33 1Skywarp865
Very nice. I think the battle was pretty good as it showed Peter still getting a handle on his sword and the experience difference between him and Rachel. Boy, Laura doesn't realize it but attack Peter is only going to get on Sir John's side. Heck he may even decide to import her butt back to Germany for good. I'd say kill but I doubt he go that far. Aside from a few spelling errors. Great job once again.
4/23/2017 c33 Matt22152
Wait so Sarah isn't under Red Talon's control?
4/23/2017 c33 Hellman76
Great work on this chapter
2/25/2017 c32 pikminfulcrum
can you please make it in march 11 and im not pushing you around , OMG : im your ultimate fan.
2/13/2017 c32 Skywarp865
Really great. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who ships Peter and Christie in the story. Plus everything else was funny as well, like the boxing scene, the extra weights, the shower scene, and the stare. Awesome job.
2/3/2017 c32 human8175
well then that girl came off real arrogant and rude as fuck. though I do say how she pulled that shit off has a lot to do with common sense. but seriously that girl :/ she needs to take this a bit less well that, other wise I like where this is going. and good to see the pink one show up again soon.
1/31/2017 c32 84Inudaughter Returns
Thanks for the new chapter, keep writing!
1/30/2017 c32 1pokemonking0924
looks like Peter/Alpha has two angry women he doesn't know going after him for their own reasons
The pale girl with the eye patch has to be the werewolf from the last chapter who saved his life only to slap the wolf boy and say that she doesn't accept him as "his grandson", makes you wonder what her relationship is with Sir Talbot
Plus peter has to deal with Rachel Darke who seeked him out and knows about his double identity plus the fact she knew about the Gravity Blade and she has her own immortal fang the Red Death Blade
I wonder what questions she'll ask and why that specific location to chat, can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens next

also very interesting thing to know that the immortal fangs can change their size based on the users size or stealth purposes
1/29/2017 c32 10Dimension Distorter
Lord, I am so tired of these encounters with crazy people! What the hell was all THAT!?
1/29/2017 c32 18Whiteling
What in the world is that little harpy's problem?
1/29/2017 c32 Matt22152
Wait, so the fangs can be summoned through these wrist chains? I don't think I saw that in the wiki
1/29/2017 c32 Hellman76
Greatest chapter I've ever seen
1/25/2017 c31 Mold
update your stories.
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