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for Whispering Fireworks

9/4/2021 c20 lepidesakri
hey, question, is this work on hiatus or abandoned?
11/3/2020 c20 Ou.Shuu
next please
9/26/2020 c20 Ou.Shuu
its a great story..
please continue this..
7/13/2019 c20 Guest
I want so bad to know what will happen to Kise he's like my favourite character from the manga and in this fanfiction so if the story just stops here he will remain in my brain prisoner, beaten in his miserable cell so please donc let my baby kise suffer forever
I love this story so much I can't believe it's abandoned
7/13/2019 c20 Guest
I read this entire story in like, two days and just noticed it hadn't been uptaded since like 2014 so I'm kind of dead inside it was so great it want more chapters
5/23/2019 c20 Guest
I miss this story so much
5/22/2019 c1 Guest
Is the story discontinued :((( I really hope not. The plot of the story and the way you have writen it makes it so interesting. I can't just wait for morr
8/16/2018 c16 Guest
I probably wrote this too late, but never doubt your writing style. If you have errors in your writing, simply correct them. Do not let the criticism of others discourage you, for I think what matters is what you think about yourself, not others opinions.
7/7/2018 c20 Kira494
Please don't say this is dropped :'(
Love this so hope you will one day update this
3/7/2018 c20 Guest
This is the best
7/28/2017 c20 Guest
Жалко что нет продолжения мне очень понравилось
3/6/2017 c20 14Kelandry5
I absolutely love this story! One of the best that I've read. I know this story hasn't been updated in forever, but I hope that it will be continued one day because I badly want to know what happens next. It's so exciting and the plot is well laid out and your writing flows nicely. Seriously, I was hooked from the very first chapter.
2/17/2017 c20 Mukuro-ananas
I really like this story. So I'm feel disappointed that you stopped writing. You make me realize a new pairing. I was never read AkaKuro before yours two fics, Betrayal In Its Most Simplest Form and Whispering Fireworks. Thank you for it. They are great. I'm your Ukrainian fan and my English isn't very good, I'm just studying) Sorry for this
2/3/2017 c1 Kaeneki
I have high hopes for this!
1/28/2017 c20 Shadow
It's been 2 years and you said you would update.
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