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1/27 c4 Guest
I hate you first Akane is not bad second Okatsu and Akane aren't friends third Okatsu is from a different timeline.
10/30/2015 c4 4Hofund
I have to say, this was so shocking. For me,Akane might have been more fangirl than partner to Shindou. Yes she was worried,yes she cares about him,but riddle me this(Riddler reference): has she ever done anything that really mattered for him? I see very clearly that it was Okatsu who begged Nobunaga for Shidou's position when he wanted to have him pulled off. I also see it was she who gave Shindou what help she could when he was in doubt,first of others and then of himself. I do not know what Akane would have done,but I have seen her do little more than snap pictures and cheer the team as a collective body-literally, a competent manager,but nothing more. Okatsu and Shindou are a star-crossed couple, and I would say they are 85% meant to be. And they remained so in this story,which is why I am taking the time to review the ridiculous actions of Akane at all. I am sorry if that was any offense to anyone,but I pray you forgive me if I hold on to the belief that 'what God has put together, no Man can separate'.
9/12/2013 c4 17Children of Light
Update soon! Love the stories. Hey, can you do one chapter on the song Alice of Human Sacrifice?
7/24/2013 c1 Zylia16
I can't believe you kill Masaki! WHY! Poor Ranmaru.
Make another RanMasa fic.
7/4/2013 c4 40sukkichan143
ASDFGHJKL!? What the? EH!?
This is why I hate Okatsu so bad -.-
Anyway... WHY'S THE ENDING LIKE THAT!? Just asking :3
I love it! Even though Shindou cheated on Akane... WAAAAAHHHH! ;;;w;;;
5/25/2013 c4 18Mizuhara Yukie
THIS IS SO GOOD! Great, Kusanagi-san and Yuu! I want to see more pairing XD
5/25/2013 c4 15HachimitsuOukan
Aahhh whyyy QAQ
S-So heartbreaking;; uwaa, sniff sniff;;

Oops, I got too carried away /clears throat/
But it's great! And of course, another Vocaloid song to watch!
5/25/2013 c4 Karito
Wow. That escalated quickly.
Ah poor Akane. She really does love Shindou. Hmmm I like the song too. Great job on this chapter.
3/23/2013 c3 HachimitsuOukan
Saying 'love' that quick... And your confidence... Throwing stones to the window of a princess... Whoa, Taiyou, what kind of nerve you have? XD

Haha, it's interesting Kusanagi-san I like it!
And yeah, another song to put on my 'Vocaloid To Watch" list! XD
3/21/2013 c3 40sukkichan143
Wah! This is so kawaii I want more. I want more! XD
Why you guys are so amazing? /sulks on the corner/
3/21/2013 c3 25SHSL Kariya Masaki

Forgive me but you two collaborating? SUPERB! I swear, all these fics made me jump and squeal in joy! Good job, you two! :3

Hopefully, I can see more updates! :DD
3/15/2013 c2 15HachimitsuOukan
Now Kirino as the girl!
Ehh so this was Shindou/Kirino/Kariya...

By the way I just realized... That the title isn't very familiar to me, never heard of it what does it mean? :)

And oh poor Shindou... But that's a gentleman of you!
Another nice song so yeah from this fic there's two more songs to put into the list of 'To watch on Youtube' :P

Aww I babbled to much...
Anyways this is a nice fic indeed-and there's no yaoi-
Soo... Please continue! XD
3/15/2013 c1 HachimitsuOukan
Whoa... Early congratulations for the both of you, Kusanagi-san, Sai-san!
I-it's so sweet yet sad...
And wow the lyrics fitted the song nicely *w*

Actually when I see Kirino and Kariya I would imagine Kirino as the female /SHOT/

This is a compilation of Vocaloid-based stories right? Yayy I'm gonna learn much Vocaloid songs! Well I like Vocaloid but I don't know much songs so thank youuu! XD
3/15/2013 c2 19hakushinigami
OMG... Poor Shindou! It's a really cute fic! Continue!

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