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for Harry Potter and the Four Horsemen

10/10 c15 4BROMBROS
That was an amazing story.
8/23 c12 god eater
why doesnt he finish it already hes so overpowered that none of the current characters can go against these four! what is he waiting for lol
8/23 c9 god eater
its weird that this is so fast paced that we are already on the training part of their powers, we havent even heard from dumbledore yet hmmm
8/23 c4 god eater
yes the dumbass is free game lets goo
8/23 c2 god eater
interesting! if they are coming to their powers like that, their enemy should be fearsome as well! i am anticipating it
8/23 c1 god eater
8/23 c15 2Lokiethegod
okay so I dont review alot but for this story I had to. The idea is great in fact I love it but before chapter 15 the story feels incredibly rushed but then we get to 15 and it ruins the whole story. You spent all this time on a plot line just to throw all of it away at the end. Overall Id say this story isnt the worst ive read but it needs more work like alot. You rushed though plot points with no set up not developing of characters hell half the time it feels like something happened to a character but its never stated nothing is really explained well and then all of a sudden (spoiler alert past this point)

The big villains in the story James and Jason are forgiven and it turns out Jason is a good guy all along which makes no sense like at all. First off you gave Jason no redeeming characteristics (which granted may not of been seen when writen from the perspective of Dante) but the big fuck you in this whole story is you spent all 15 chapters showing why James is a huge POS then having James be forgiven by Dante let alone Lilly (more so Lilly here) is worse than if you had Harry Potter forgive Tom. I dont mean for this to be a flame review either but you undercut your own story just so you could have a "shock" at the end.

Like I said at the start I love the idea and It started out pretty good but it went downhill pretty quickly.

tldr: Great idea good start poor execution on the rest. 5/10
8/6 c15 E.Elliot
I love it!
5/30 c1 Astrus-Invincible
Quite breathtaking for a FanFiction, if I do say so myself.
3/27 c10 grimg00fy
This chapter is giving me major Undertaker vibes.
3/27 c10 grimg00fy
This chapter is giving me massive Undertaker vibes.
2/26 c15 gginsc
How disappointing! Oh! You rejected me and enslaved my mother, but I forgive you! Pathetic! This story had such potential.
1/31 c4 Guest
It’s amazing how far the author will go to suck off Draco. Whether the author is just trying to be contrarian or the author is trying to justify their own bullshit and bitterness is up for who gives a fuck. It’s the same fucking formula for most of his fics, and shows a distinct lack of originality. Almost like Harry can’t be dark without tonguing Draco’s prostate, though I’d think it’s more the authors shtick than anything else.
1/21 c15 Mstraceypt
I wasn't too sure about the plot line of this story at first but I'm glad I stuck with it. Aside from a few grammatical or spelling errors it was a well written story.. thank you for sharing with us!
12/31/2020 c15 Bele
really interesting, 0robably missed a whole load of references in there... woh would have thought, a happy ending... thx
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