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8/21/2013 c7 To Lazy To Login
Ok, I just reread this entire story. It's good and all, but at the beginning Tony and Loki were pretty much in love with each other. So Tony acted on it. Loki ran. WHY would Loki run when he was in love with Tony? So for the rest of the story I've been waiting for Loki to go apologize for hurting Tony and tell each other about their love. Now they seem like they never loved each other. I'm a fan of Frostiron, so I was just wondering what happened?!
8/20/2013 c7 sbrock777
They are crazy please post soon virtual hugs back at you for a very good story can't wait to read more
8/20/2013 c7 1cara-tanaka
Looking forward to more
8/10/2013 c6 sbrock777
That is the million $$ question Tony why are you feeling the need to run please post soon cant wait to read more love this story thank you for the virtual hug as well
8/10/2013 c6 cara-tanaka
Cannot wait for more. Update soon.
8/9/2013 c5 RubyBabyDragon
More chappy!
8/9/2013 c5 2Hessian304
Please update!
8/9/2013 c5 sbrock777
cant wait to hear what tony has to say please post soon
8/9/2013 c5 1cara-tanaka
Looking forward to more
7/29/2013 c4 1Elaina Newport
Like what in the name of god! I am got the bad case of feels! Dammit! This is hot!
7/20/2013 c4 3MangaVampire
Happy would be nice, let something good happen to the two
7/14/2013 c4 sbrock777
Oh poor loki happy emotions fluff love the story so far though
7/14/2013 c4 1cara-tanaka
Happy. Update soon.
5/18/2013 c3 9Mitsukuni-san
Great story :) but while I am reading it I feel like there is a back story I need to know about haha Maybe Tony could go after Loki and some kind of back story be revealed, as to why they are so infatuated with each other? :D
5/13/2013 c3 To Lazy to Login
Hmmm... Well I think we should have a quick look into Loki's mind, but let Loki go to Tony.
Update soon!
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