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10/2/2020 c19 3FailingAtLife
The is “I put my head in a towel and shrieked like a banshee
10/2/2020 c7 FailingAtLife
Obviously there’s some bad voodoo on the book lol
10/2/2020 c5 FailingAtLife
YAY GIVE THEM A BISCUIT! They figured it out instead of being dumb the whole book XD :p
12/4/2017 c47 5VeronicaChase
Thanks for this story, not like I need sleep or anything.
7/31/2017 c19 Guest
Noooooo she shouldn't have ran away
12/6/2016 c37 7firebreathinghighlady
Yeah ok so remind me to never watch the Little Mermaid agin
12/6/2016 c27 firebreathinghighlady
Ok so Walter isn't going like wait why the fuck is there a ghost in my living room, so does he know about the ghosts? Or DID he? He can't now he's dead. Haha. (I FEEL NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER COS HE HIT IGGY AMD THAT IS U-N-F-O-R-G-I-V-A-B-L-E!)
12/6/2016 c19 firebreathinghighlady
Is the quote when she shrieked like a banshee? (The Final Warning)
12/6/2016 c12 firebreathinghighlady
When Ari's hair started getting thicker and it said a were-wolf looking thing with Ari's hair and eyes...
Me: *does the Mr. Crocker Fairly Odd Parents dance* ARI WILL BE ZEE ERASER YAAAAAAAY
3/3/2016 c1 Lyrics Ride
You people are sick but good story
1/10/2016 c47 Book thief 27
Loved it! Actually, I've read most of your stories an you are my favorite author. This was wesome, heart wrencjing, but frickin' creepy! I liked how it didn't have a happy ending. This was very original.
4/13/2015 c47 8feather flyer
T-T that was not a happy ending. But it was still amazing. Really great job. T-T *sniffles crawling under covers* Poor Max... Poor Fang... Poor Iggy... Poor everyone who died... T-T
10/28/2014 c1 Guest
I love MR, and I'm going through and reading all your stories, which I love, by the way. I just read this prologue and had to review, even though I never have before. I kept getting shivers all the way through, and I really hope I have the capacity to do that to someone else someday. I just had to communicate that to you. So thank you! X
10/12/2014 c5 Guest
Ha! Stabbed in the eye with a butter knife. I see what you did there. ;)
8/19/2014 c47 1Ivory Rouge
I love this one!
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