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for The Art of Getting Fluffed

11/16/2020 c19 13archy12
What a pity they are almost to the order window! ;)
11/16/2020 c17 archy12
Nude sculpting? What kind of course is Bella taking? :P
11/16/2020 c16 archy12
Alice is as cooky as Jasper! :D
Revolving-bed? How did he not get dizzy in it?
11/16/2020 c15 archy12
Haha, a onesie! Why didn't he wear something normal, like shorts and a tee?
11/16/2020 c14 archy12
Living room? Didn't Edward move into Alice's room?
11/15/2020 c13 archy12
Oh my! The four of them at dinner...It's going to be hilarious!
11/15/2020 c12 archy12
His mom? Darn, there goes the cat...Unless Edward can pass it all as a prank.
11/15/2020 c10 archy12
I hope Edward won't be molested again. It's quite brave of him to spend more time in the club.
11/15/2020 c8 archy12
My personal brand of Viagra, haha! :D
9/16/2020 c37 saintfudge
And there it ends ...quick funny fic ..been in my alerts since 2013 ..don't read WIPs.. Doing a covid clear out ..I'm glad I reread this just wish it had been completed ... Thanks for sharing ..have fun
7/17/2020 c37 Lyndseyxx
I really enjoyed this, a fun read! I know it’s not technically completed, but it ends in such a good place it feels pretty finished anyway!
5/15/2020 c13 4rcjr3905
kinda foresaw robert Pattinson playing Batman
11/29/2019 c32 17PearlyFox
So sorry for not reviewing everything... K was a tad distracted lol
11/28/2019 c19 PearlyFox
Def no gear stick lol
11/28/2019 c17 PearlyFox
I have an urge to join a sculpting group...
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