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6/11 c2 5DschingisKhan
The world desperately needs more Hayate, so this is entirely acceptable. But I have to admit, Fate marrying someone who isn't Hayate and Nanoha gives me mixed feelings...
3/20/2013 c1 295Major Mike Powell III
Well, well, soldier...

HOO-RRAH! 1st Review, btches!

Now, THIS was S-W-EET!

An apparantely sick day for Nanoha turns into a blissful day of married life for Hayate. Tsk tsk, Nanoha, Nanoha-chan, the little minx! ;3
This was lovely, my friend! A much appreciated breath of fresh air! :D Now, I DO wonder what became of Fate...hmmm...maeby she hooked up with another MGLN Lady? ;3

Great work!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!

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