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for Beneath Her Violet Flame

12/31/2015 c5 1sivolc2
Amazing story, love the writing and the characters. I really respect you for finishing the story, even if it's a bit rushed.
2/23/2014 c3 3J.S.F. Northern Command
Please continue.
12/26/2013 c3 Chierny
I am really enjoying the story so far, waiting for the next chapter.
12/15/2013 c3 9Bznboy
Whoa... Such Intensity...

Really enjoyed the story! Hope you'll make more of it soon.

Though, why are both the Skeleton Suit as well as the Archangel armor being developed at the same time? From what I have experienced in the game, the ArchAngel Armor would be more advanced compared to the Skeleton Suit, which mean that Kiara should have gotten some experience with it since they use Caparance Armor, which is the same level of development to the Skeleton Suit.

That's just my opinion though
12/10/2013 c3 Anon
I enjoy five like this were we see the inner workings of an organization. The dialogue is good and I enjoy the small buts of humor while also providing an inside look at how all this futuristic equipment is tested and evaluated. Good job
10/22/2013 c2 7PsyckoSama
I do believe that Archangel Armor is actually a suit of Power Armor.
3/31/2013 c1 48Hoplite39
Good fast moving chapter. I was half expecting Kiera to mimic pretend to fly a spitfire and hum the words to the Dambusters.

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