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4/17 c10 Welllll
Are you gonna update or did you die?
2/18 c10 nylanna1105
waaaaahhh last update year 2014... i love this... naruhina fic... i like kiba naruto hinata team .. and i want to know how they will be a great ninja someday...is there a chance for you to continue this story?
2/7 c10 13SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Shame it's been so long since you updated as there were things that I liked or found interesting. One thing I disliked tho was Hinata purposely and knowingly hindering Naruto's health. I mean why the fuck would she insist that her poor ninja in training orphan friend stop stealing from the rich in order to feed himself without providing alternatives? Cuz apparently she doesn't make it a habit to buy him groceries, send him meals, or have him eat at her place. It's not like he'll get caught either as his annual "Hell Week" for the village showcases and the people he's stealing from are deserving of some retribution from him even, so her insistence that he stops is aggravatingly stupid and confusing. And you ending your last chapter on a cliffhanger makes me think that smarmy noble put out a hit on Naruto for interfering with his attempts on Hinata. Speaking of WHY would you have Naruto do something as careless as give his real voice and therefore himself away when he's been doing these stunts without getting caught for at least a year? What was the point? Why would he even care to let the other guy know he's behind the misfortune when the goal is to make them think trying to date Hinata isn't worth the bad luck or the embarrassment they experienced. And I'm confused on why Hiashi would prefer it wasn't the "jinchuriki" Hinata grew so fond of when he KNOWS Naruto's parentage AND such a bond could be utilized to the Hyuuga advantage since no was allowed to adopt him specifically for that reason. Even tho he doesn't have to be legally adopted to be a clan friend/ally and live with any of them or spend time/learn from them. Something all these smart ninjas seem to never realize.
Anywho guess I'll take a look at your friend's story. See if its any fun and/or completed.
2/7 c4 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
That's bullshit reasoning from Sarutobi. Also Naruto doesn't HAVE to be the dead last in class just because he "can't" be the rookie of the year. He could be in the top 5 after the rookie or find an average middle ground to coast. I hope he's not stupidly put on a team with Sasuke in this.
2/7 c2 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Ok so this is real cool and all but are they gonna inform the Hokage about what Sasuke said and threatened? Hinata has the good sense to, at least right? A pair of cousins DID already beat up one heiress and kidnap and torture a village asset for him.
2/3 c10 Anonymous User
Don’t mind the hate comments. Ignore them, they’re worse than scum.
I am begging you to update though! It’s been absolutely ages and am sad that this story isn’t finished.
Just brush off the haters and let the insults slide, this story is amazing!
2/4 c1 8SadisticDiamond321
Great story, I wish this wasn't abandoned.
2/4 c1 SadisticDiamond321
I wonder...

I have nothing against same sex ship, but I wonder if in real life those shippers really support those type of relationships. Hey, if someone read this, I'm not toxic and I'm wondering this because I'm bisexual.

There are a lot of toxic comments despite there is nothing wrong with the story.

Great job writer! I like the story and I hope you could update this fanfic.
11/18/2020 c2 Guest
Could people stop pairing naruto up with hinata it's getting annoying and overrated
9/30/2020 c1 iLoyalHunter
This has been fun to read, but it's not the reason i'm making this review. The reason i'm making this review is because of another reviewer.
So, I was halfway through this fic and thinking, 'I wonder what the reviews are like'. So I clicked on them, and I was surprised to find some toxic pile of shit.
This fucking coward, who is too scared to even use a profile and used an anonymous guest account to review, just because he didn't like the story, not only called the writer pathetic, but actually said he might as well be fertilizer because that way he'd be useful. The way I see it, a ton of people have enjoyed this fanfic, on the other hand, this toxic waste of space, who is too scared to even show his name, has done nothing but insult and belittle others. If the author is a waste of space, then there are literally no words on the planet low enough to describe trash like you. If you're getting this worked up over a fanfic that was written just for fun, then just piss off, literally nobody wants you here.. oh wait, we don't even know who you are because you're too pathetic to even show your name. If you're gonna tell someone they're worthless and pathetic, then stop being a pussy and show your name, let everyone know who to hate for being a prick, because trust me, nobody would take your side you toxic cunt.

Other than that, I really have enjoyed this story, I have always been a fan of strong, super or godlike naruto and really do like the NarutoxHinata pairing. It's sad that this story has been abandoned, but i've enjoyed what's here so far, fun to read and pass the time.
8/31/2020 c1 Everlasting Joy
I really liked the story. I hope one day you finish it. I've been reading some of the comments and let me tell you that the guests are totally wrong this story is not garbage, you're a really good writer! What I don't understand is why they bother leaving comments if they don't like it, I think that they just don't have anything better to do with their lives than putting down people who entertain us in someway or that are doing what they like, so don't let what the say get to you, I really liked the concept.
7/24/2020 c10 Guest
Wow. Another writer who doesn’t finish what they start. Also he, like many others, lied to his readers. Why would anyone want to read something from a lying quitter? Everyone now knows you will just disappoint them. Best to delete your incomplete garbage since it’s abandoned.
7/24/2020 c9 Guest
This shit about starving Naruto is pointless, ridiculous, and shows that nobody actually cares about Naruto. They all know how much he needs to eat yet nobody cares when they deny him food. I’m sick and tired of this panty waste letting everyone decide his life and push him around. He’s worthless and pathetic. I’m assuming this writer is too. Fucking worthless pathetic waste of space who would have done better being turned into fertilizer. That way you’d be useful at least.
7/24/2020 c8 Guest
And Naruto is acting like a brainless moron. I’m losing any respect for this writer.
7/24/2020 c6 Guest
Hope your genitalia tot off for your sick ideas.
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