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for Child of the Phoenix

9/7 c16 1Slie Amos
A question, what happened to Marauders Mobilise? I just reread this and was hoping to see the next part...

I do like the story, well written.
8/25 c16 1inuyasha16451
Amazing story. I can’t wait till the next one.
7/23 c2 Bronze
Oh this should be good! But I do have to ask, if Harry learned who Logan was so easily why hasn't Charles or Jean learned it? Though this isn't the first time I've came across the idea that Logan was actually James Potter with memory loss. Ya know, I can see Harry trying to warn Magneto about Voldemort and magic. Oldie Voldie can't be trusted as is clearly shown with just how well he treats his followers. From other stories I've read it's been said he's killed more of his own followers than the Aurors or the Order has. such a nice kind leader. NOT!
7/21 c15 shadewolfedrt
Harry changed his codename that might help change the future, I liked the two names for Harry Primus and Zenith. Great story.
7/9 c1 VoicetWolf
CI Love is fanfiction
6/10 c1 Huna
You must do huna (Harry x Luna)! YOU MUST! PLEASE I BEG YOU!
6/10 c16 bigwoof
Excellent story! Eagerly waiting for the sequel..
6/9 c7 8multyfangirl21
Harry already started a bit over powered but now he's so much more so. And Hermione is getting over powered as well, and yet I can't get annoyed with them so far. Maybe because I came up with a whole, very large , family that many are over powered. Never got around to posting any of the parts of that story.
6/9 c5 multyfangirl21
Forgot to comment this a couple of reviews back, normally I can compare the trio to the Maurders, Harry would be Sirius and Ron being James since the Burrow is a refuge from the Dursleys and the Weasleys wound up being Harry's 2nd family and Hermione is Remus. But in this case Harry is James and Ron is Wormtail. Traitorous rat.
Anyone else thinking that the bond between Harry and Hermione is the ultimate BFFs bond?
Hmm so Moony/Ramus is going to get a new pack mate? Theres plenty of fics where Moony recognized Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail as pack mates ... hmmm I think Wolverine would become alpha.
6/9 c4 multyfangirl21
Love that Wolverine was so quick to join in calling Harry Cub.
6/8 c3 multyfangirl21
I knew it! Ok I had my doubts but he was the main magic user I know that is in contact and welcomed at the school.
I cant help but think that with Strange teaching Harry, and maybe Hermione, that will another thing that Dumbledore and the Ministry of magic will be upset about.
6/8 c2 multyfangirl21
Dr Strange comes to mind for a mentor .
6/8 c1 multyfangirl21
Harry's power reminds me of his uncle Havoc's power.
I'd think that due to his parents power levels that he'd be mid to high level range.
6/8 c16 TLD110166
Do you know when you might be posting the sequel?
6/7 c3 ashlyle
Roses are red
violets are blue
so many crossovers
Holy crud that escalated quickly
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