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5/13/2006 c1 11Aison Armigen
So sad! But good job.
2/25/2004 c1 118Hermonthis
VERY GOOD! I give you extra cookie points for actually having this rhyme ('cause heaven only knows I abhor it) and with the simple words you've used- created a flood of emotions within me.
(here's my favourite part, BTW)
"Came a flawless monster
With alabaster skin.
Incapable of anything but cruelty,
And sin."
7/13/2003 c1 19Haeru
I won`t say anything. I`m so enthralled I can`t even remember my name.







...OK,OK, maybe just one thing. Perfect!
1/21/2003 c1 KitsuneRei
1/19/2003 c1 2Shiian
This is so perfect, it perfectly captures Dilandau's image and destiny. I love all your work.

I have a request, if I may. I am writing a fanfiction where Dilandau-sama is brought back to life in a new body so Dilandau and Celena are seperate entities. I have been trying to write and/or look for a lament to describe his cursed fate, do you think you would allow me to use this in my story? I assure you that you would recieve full credit. Please consider my request and if you would be so kind e-mail me back at Thank-you so much! And good luck with your current and future fics.
12/4/2002 c1 2Summer M
pretty good poem!

dilandau is the best!

i hope you don't mind if i put this poem in my book of poems!

thank you

review my poems!
11/24/2002 c1 1iana2
This is truly beautiful. I love your choice of words. They match perfectly. It's definitely sad, this poem. Makes me wanna cry when I think about how cruel Dilandou's fate really his. His whole existance. Very good written. Please write more. Thank you very much.
9/12/2002 c1 Pandora
WHAT? *sobs* That was the most truthful poems I've ever read, and Dilly was still Dilly in it. How the heck did you manage that one? No butterflies though? Hmm...I think maybe next you need to add little fuzzy bunnies and butterflies. That would sooo be Dilly. ~_^ Hey, call me you crazy nun you!
9/9/2002 c1 4LadyDragonsbane
Oh gosh. I don't know what to say. That was absolutely beautiful. You write so well. I'm almost jealous. ^_^ But jealousy isn't in my nature . . hehe anyways, That was wonderful. If you get more inspiration for something like this please write it and post it! ^^ I'd really like to read it! ^_^

~ Sora ^ ~
9/1/2002 c1 27rainjewel
*stops mid-cheer* WHOOEE! i LOVE your poetry! my god, you certainly do know our wonderful little dilandau-kins. isn't it sad? he was created, not born, and can never, EVER be fully human. *sighs* a construction of evil...poor, poor beautiful boy.
8/30/2002 c1 24Sniper Wolf and Her Sniper
Oh my god. This was wonderful. I just loved it. This is way better than any of my poems. Wonderful job. I'm adding this to my favorites. Keep it up.
8/20/2002 c1 4burned flamer
YES! I've been wondering whether you DID disappear off somewhere. Off the face of the earth, maybe? [thinking] Ouch. Thinking hurts, huh?

Great poem, D. Excellent protrayl of Dilandau. It was like being sucked into him, being melded or something. heh. I hate to admit it, but Dilandau's all right for psychotic pyro...

And because of your hectic lifestyle, I've decided to forgive you and keep on reviewing whatever you give me... I mean, US. [innocent smile]
8/16/2002 c1 5MysticMoon
WoW *amazed* this is a really good poem. ^_^
8/16/2002 c1 bear
sounds really good and i gotta love anything about dilandau
8/15/2002 c1 A Gaean Surveyor
*claps* Nice Dilandau-themed poem! You're a very skilled poet, Dilandra. All your Dilandau poetry is great.

*sweatdrops* [voice in back of mind: So much better than I could write... I'll never be a poet!]

Keep up the good work!
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