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5/18/2020 c65 32QueerEpileptic
I'm glad I stuck with you. It was a long and awesome ride! I love this story, and I'll probably re-read it a millions times in the future. So thank you for never abandoning it. 3 Also Thank you for writing it!
5/18/2020 c65 RyakaShirokage
Oh my! This is finally done! I remembered the time this was posted, and I thought it'll be just some casual fanfic I usually read. Then I ended up following it through the years! I want to congratulate you for finishing this. Tho it is pretty sad to see this over, Im sure I will still be enjoying your other stories!

Thank you for bringing us this lovely Canada x Fem!Prussia fanfic!
4/7/2020 c64 17ShinigamiReiko
I hope you know that you are responsible for me bawling into my pillow at 2:30 AM because I just had to read the entire story in one sitting. Brilliant really, I think this is my favourite fic
3/4/2020 c64 5PotatoPasta
I honestly forgot this was updated O-O... but better late than never right? ;)

Jule’s journal makes me feel so nostalgic and remind me that what a dedicated story this is :) Generally I don’t read stories that are life-based and extremely multi-chaptered but this story gives me the refreshment of being a freshman.

“I’m a fan of you, Jules”

That is one of the BEST quotes in this story. For the first time in a few chapters I felt something inside both Jules and me getting brightened.

I’ve always wondered what major Jules would pick and finally now I see it :) I’m so happy for her and yes. This is gonna be a long and tough ride but Jules is tougher and more capable ;) By the end of the college, I can already see her expanding her career in freelance field :)

FINALLY! Mattie was Jules’ strength but he was also her weakness. She decided to let him for him to chase his dreams but as they both love each other they should fight the situation for themselves! Jules can give Mattie Jules! She can give him love and make him feel loved!

The confession on live webcam scene was very moving and genuine. It really moved me ;(

Mattie’s gon’ release his hairy polar bear to F4K jukes hard ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)... well too fucking bad this is ;(
2/25/2020 c64 32QueerEpileptic
Oh thank god they got back together!
10/27/2019 c63 5PotatoPasta
Well... it’s more than true that Chessie did sleep with teacher xD Pretty sure she got something I’m return ;) I love willing Jules is to sacrifice her own happiness and relationships for her friends and boyfriend! It’s so hard to see her in such pain ;( Anyway you bitches should’ve listened to her before slapping her in the faces few weeks ago!

Another wedding to go! All you have left is Jules and Mattie and Luddy and Feli! 3

Hmmm so I think Katerina does care about Jules in some extent? Otherwise she wouldn’t have followed the trio for the girl talk xD I thought she disliked her but I guess not? n_n

Oh, by the way

"But you didn't give it a chance to!" CHEESE said angrily. "I don't understand."

xD xD xD xD xD
8/9/2019 c62 Guest
aaaaaaa the roller coaster of emotions are so intensifyingly intense aaaaaaaaaa

pls ipdate tek ur time

becos u always hav ime tto shine
7/11/2019 c62 PotatoPasta
Goddammit! I wanted to be the 500th review Dx

Anyway poor Jules... stop giving her a hard time you sadist! She’s had more enough Dx Thank God Dr. Guest is helping her. Gil needs someone more than anytime Wow Artie xD Didn’t know you had it in you mate n_n Just go to franny, kneel, and beg for her mercy xD

By the wham why do I feel like what Dr. Guest says is what you’ve actually heard from whoever helped you?
7/2/2019 c62 Lark
4/19/2019 c61 Anon fan
I’ve binged and been engrossed in this entire story, and it’s hit so very close to home in a number of ways. Over the course of the story I have seen a very horrible reflection of myself in one of the characters, and I’m not talking about Jules either.

Matt is so wrapped up in his own odd self-consciousness to the point where when someone has shown an interest in him he gives it his all, even going to lengths of discarding and disregarding what he wants or needs for himself. Not saying that he and Jules can’t work things out, because it’s still possible, but he needs to communicate and be vocal about his wants or needs in order to have a heathly and balanced relationship.

I know that state of mind all too well, and am currently paying the price for placing myself dead last in order to fill the needs of my very recent ex. Sorry if this is more venting than anything, it’s just hitting very close to home regarding my most recent long term relationship. It’s just Matt’s attitude and some gestures that strike a chord, not any details in particular. I understand that Jules is meant to be the focus and what she’s done recently is supposed to be selfless, but some of her outbursts over time (even before the huge break up blowout) appear very selfish and rarely does she consider what others around her might need and fails to actively fulfill that for them when she does notice.

Sorry for going on a tangent, but it feels good to vent a little. Arthur is right, and talking to someone instead of bottling it up will probably help Jules in the long run. Even if she and Matt can’t reconcile fully. If I were Matt in this situation I’d find it extremely difficult to confide with or trust Jules again, and that’s the cross Jules would have to bear. Matt isn’t totally innocent either, and major trust was broken on all sides. It’s just difficult to fix heavy emotional damage like that irl
4/9/2019 c61 Guest
Jules really messed up big time! Poor Matt hang in there. I have feeling that Anya, Matt's hockey rival may have a significant role in upcoming chapters of this Awesome story!
PS. Shout to La cousine, Chessie for standing up for our beloved Canadien!
4/9/2019 c61 Guest
Noooooo. I cannot wait for the next chapter because I don’t know what I’m going to do. I love it so much!
4/9/2019 c61 long time reader
self destruction jules does not look good on you :(
i love this story, its so accurate to real life tbh. i can use see matt and jules getting back together after some time (months, years, decades) and talking about what happened. or not. what ever is better mentally for the both of them.
keep writing dear author, its been 5 years since I started reading. While forgot my log in password, i still get your updates. I can not wait to see what happens next.
thank you
4/8/2019 c61 PotatoPasta
I confess that I’m VERY confused about who tanner and Taylor are O_O Anyway it’s sad that ppl around Jules are getting... lesser everyday ;(

Well at least Artie gave us some comic relief lol this story has been going too dark ;(

This better not be a sad ending! Dx
4/8/2019 c61 Guest
When I saw this notification in my email I was hit with nostalgia and had to reread this series
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