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3/28/2019 c60 7Sakuragane San
Nooooo! Why, Jules? Why would you do that? Now everyone is hurt. It kinda reminds me of this one quote, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Switch it up a bit, good intentions pave the way to Hell.
I’ve been finding great reads all of sudden lately, and this definitely belongs on that list. Great work.
Y’know, I’ve been wondering who Chessie is all this time. Is she an OC or is she Nyo!America. And this ‘Canada’ is very refreshing, a stark contrast to what he is usually portayed as. *coughshystutteringmeekaneasytargetamongotherscough*
So, I look forward to updates in the near future, and, have a great day! (or night)
11/8/2018 c60 a long time fan
user: a long time fan who forgot their username and passwork to fanfiction but still reads this

brah! brah! brah! no! jules, i feel, i would do the same thing, but girl! i am devastated by this new chapter. its a great plot point to create a hurt matt and sad jules; i understand where you are going with this but man! im gonna cry. this is so jules can mature, i get that, but man! heart break! those works hurt matt so much, its gonna make him freak out and cry and even MORE insecure. I just wanna give these two thearpists! or at least jules to help her with her self hate.

author pwease give them a healthy ending. for the both of them. with them together or not. i trust you
11/8/2018 c60 Bi.tan
Firstly i just want to thank you for a great story, is amazing how real the characters feel, the hole university experience is also very accurate.
Now i must say i totally saw the hole Matt having to move away coming but man i did not expect Julls to do that! She is being so selfless and selfish at the same time, if that makes any sense...
What she is going to do is very dangerous and can end up very badly for her, she is going to push everyone away just for matt's sake.
This also shows just how little she thinks of herself, and how much she really does care for Matt, she is giving everything away just so that he can move on...
I really hope someone sees through her bullshit or she is going to a very bad place... unfortunately the chances of that are almost nonexistent considering her broken realationship with Derek and how the others are going to react to what she did to Matt.
Also like i totally wanted to beat the living shit out of Derek a few chapters ago, like the hell ? I know he is supposed to be a romantic but really ? Did he have to be such an ass about the hole thing!
But yeah thanks for the chapter can't wait for more !
11/6/2018 c60 32QueerEpileptic
Ohhhhhh jules my sweetie! Please tell me they get back together! PLEASE
11/6/2018 c60 5PotatoPasta
This is some dark sh!t o_O... I'm guessing this story ends up either a sad ending with the PruCan's break up or they meet again in near future right...? I h8 sad endings ;(
11/6/2018 c60 1thatquietgirl21


At least they can still be happy in the music one/royalty one, right?
11/6/2018 c60 Guest
Whyyyyyy must you do this? I love this story so much. Please continue writing!
10/12/2018 c59 Guest
Okay so I looked totally love this story I'm a little miffed that this is a tiny filler is chapter but overall very good work I love this story. I still maintain that there needs to be something that happens where Matt becomes the hero for a day. The way you wrote Jules she's a boss ass bitch that can do anything she wants she's just not very good at expressing her emotions, I think it would be interesting if we had a bit we're Matthew just saved the day cuz ultimately the overall vibe that I get from her is that she doesn't like leaning on people and she needs to learn to do that
9/28/2018 c59 5Masterliful
Awesome chapter! Matt might be forgetting that taking breaks from studying is important too. Hopefully him and Jules can figure out where they're missing each other. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
9/27/2018 c59 5PotatoPasta
Her punching the bag made to realize that I can’t possibly be the ONLY person who wants to see Jules’ brutal Atomic-Blonde style fight scene! hey, GS? If u haven’t seen the movie, just search on YouTube: “Atomic Blonde Stairway Fight Scene”! x)

Before: Whoa Franny was right! Sex is the best solution! XD
After: ...never mind -_-
9/27/2018 c59 32QueerEpileptic
Oh my babies
9/27/2018 c59 Laurellearts
By the way, if you go back to the reviews from 2013, I'm krasnyyelipkiyeomary.
9/27/2018 c59 Laurellearts
Dear GlassSerendipity,
I got the email that you updated this chapter today and it was the first email I had gotten from fanfiction dot com in almost five years. I was overcome with nostalgia when I read it. I'm now in college but when I was in eighth grade, I was a devout PruCan shipper and your story was my absolute favorite. I loved it so much that I didn't even have to reread the previous chapters to understand what happened in this one. I just remember it so vividly. Thank you for being a part of my childhood and for still doing your thing. When I was a kid, I thought your depiction of the college experience was so endearing and now that I'm experiencing college firsthand, I can appreciate your story so much more (even if I'm not active in the Hetalia fandom anymore). I hope you have a great life and you're doing things that make you happy. Keep it up!
8/7/2018 c58 4Ildaa
I love this story so much it hurts. I hope one day you would continue it, I just adore the characters so badly
7/20/2018 c58 5PotatoPasta
;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ur making happy couple into Nick & Amy from the movie Gone Girl
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