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12/9/2013 c4 2Animelover2215
Um Mitskuni and Mori is never mentioned
10/19/2013 c10 68MzShellSan
Oooo can't wait for the last chapter! This is so exciting!
10/13/2013 c10 11FicsFromAnAnbuNin
I am glad that everything worked out. I hope the next update comes soon.
10/13/2013 c10 13luxartisan
This was a nice surprise in my mailbox. First fics are scary creatures, but I think you handled it fairly well. It takes imagination and commitment to write an Ouran story that utilizes only canon characters. I just wish there were more of them. Your characterizations and ideas are solid; and the technical side of things keeps improving. Timing? As someone once said to me, trust your muse. If a story is good, readers will wait. Epilogue? Only if *you* want to write it. It's always been, always is, and always will be *your* story. But if you write it, I will read it.
8/15/2013 c5 Nina
This may sound weird but I think I might know you or at least of you my bf Tyler has a cousin that had a bad reaction to an antibiotic as well around the time I believe this was posted . It's probably just be a coincidence though , hm you never know. Sorry if this was creepy
8/12/2013 c9 31Destinies Entwined
So, overall, I am enjoying your story. Characterization and general plot devices are good.

But I must echo luxartisan's sentiments about the switching around of POV. there is something called "third person omniscient" or 3PO for short. It's an outside, anonymous narrator that allows you to think and feel everything that EVERY character does ALL the time. Read Lux's or my stories. You'll get a good taste of that style of writing. It facilitates the flow of the story, and creates more room for description. The more detail the better!

You have the right idea, you just need to stick to one POV and expound upon your scenes. Take your time with the chapters, and let them marinate. Fine wine, my dear. Fine wine. And if you haven't read through your writing at least 5-6 times to check for phrasing, punctuation and missing words before posting, you've done yourself a disservice. Try it, and see what happens.
8/12/2013 c4 Destinies Entwined
Nice little cliffhanger, there!
The chemistry is flowing quite naturally. Good characterization! :)

Another couple things to point out. There are a lot of missing words that distort the meaning of what you are trying to say. Maybe a beta could help? I would offer, but I am currently too busy with daily life and haven't even touched my own stories lately...but I'm sure you have other writer friends here who may oblige you!

And lastly: "Kaoru". With an 'O'. And "Fuyumi" with two 'U's. I thought it MAY have just been a typo at first but after four chapters, I figured I'd mention it.
8/12/2013 c2 Destinies Entwined
So far I am enjoying this. Although, if you are going by the manga, the chairman wanted to hook up Tamaki and Haruhi... That and the cherry blossoms on ly bloom in early spring, so they wouldn't be blooming in September after summer break. Oh and commas, not periods, when closing quotations.
But other than that, I enjoy the premise of your story. good start so far. And now to continue reading.
8/11/2013 c9 72mcangel1976
Do what? Kyoya better not be cheating. ;) Loved the chapter and now I am anxious to read what happens next.
8/8/2013 c9 11FicsFromAnAnbuNin
I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope Tamaki doesn't fall in live with eclair just to get his heart broken.
8/7/2013 c9 13luxartisan
Good to see you're sticking with this. I find it enjoyable; a bit disjointed in trying to cover multiple pov's within the same chapter, but enjoyable nonetheless. I love your depiction of Fuyumi. She is definitely going to be Haruhi's ally. But Kyoya? What *are* you doing flirting with Eclair? I so want to slap him, but I'll be patient knowing he usually has a hidden motive for his schemes. And Eclair is a total b888h, of course. Gad, I hate that woman. Owell. Good job.
8/6/2013 c9 1mtnikolle
Ahh, so Eclair will be a force for evil. I think Kyoya is setting her up for a nasty fall... he did promise to be two steps ahead, after all.
8/6/2013 c9 8dancingfingers
awww they're just too cute together! I know it that Kyoya actually has a soft side in him :)
I don't know about Eclair.. but if Tamaki likes her, then well.. *shrug* I guess that's fine :3 besides, if he ends up with her then our lovely couple can have a nice, smooth, and sweet relationship. lol.
8/6/2013 c9 48Tracey4t
Eclair's back huh? This is going to get interesting
8/6/2013 c9 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
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