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for Arterial Flow

12/28/2014 c1 1IQ4730
This is adorable. The dialogue is great in this story. I could point out a load of my favorite lines. But anyway, great job!
10/23/2013 c1 1GeekItUp
This is really good. I loved the reference to Muschietta and Jehan braiding each others hair and rating passing boys on their attractiveness. That just kind of made my day. I also liked Grantaire's descriptions of Cosette, and just the entire story in general. Great job!
8/18/2013 c1 1Iceangel1229
Loved it! Sounds extremely painful though... Characterizations Spot On. Keep up the good work. Until next time :)
7/22/2013 c1 6buckyybarnes

(haha i'm a comedy genius)
6/24/2013 c1 1Carly Carnations
Awesome, awesome, awesome

5/6/2013 c1 5kili-grabmyhand
Personally, I think that the ending was on par with the overall tone of this chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Enjolras and R, I thought it was perfectly in character, which could be considered difficult considering the setting, but as I've previously mentioned I think that you're doing a superb job adapting the characters to the modern time as you stay in character consistently.

All in all, it was delightful to read :)
3/21/2013 c1 19Trapped in Icy Flame
Bravo darling. I love it

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