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for Sunrise to Eternity (EPOV of Breaking Dawn Book One and Two)

11/4/2013 c9 1GamecockFan2
very good
11/4/2013 c8 GamecockFan2
very very good
11/4/2013 c7 GamecockFan2
10/25/2013 c6 GamecockFan2
10/25/2013 c20 Karolsp
Hello dear! A lot of pain in this chapter! Short but very intense... finally I could read the break of this crazy bond between Bella and Jacob! Enough already! Lol... I thought would take a while to Edward accept she would survive...Im very curious to read how will be Edward's reaction to the imprinting, I guess this is next... Hope RL is treating you good and hope to hear from you soon!
10/24/2013 c5 GamecockFan2
very good
10/24/2013 c4 GamecockFan2
That chapter was beautifully written
10/24/2013 c3 GamecockFan2
awesome chapter
10/24/2013 c2 GamecockFan2
very good!
10/24/2013 c1 GamecockFan2
10/19/2013 c20 cjrich
Just plain LOVE this! XOXO,Cheri
9/28/2013 c19 Karolsp
Awwww! Very cute chapter! I can see you really love this moment! *giggles* Can wait to read more! Well done girl!
9/28/2013 c18 Karolsp
I so missed some cute PDA! It's so adorable! And I loved Leah's rant filled with all the truths that no one was brave enough to say it! Preach it, Sister! Lol and I've to admit when I read Edward and Jacob talking I could really feel Jacob's pain and how empty he was feeling! i may or may not sobbed couple times! Lmao And the end of the chapter was very dark! Amazing chapter dear!
9/28/2013 c17 Karolsp
*sobs* awwwwwww! Edward's intense feelings remind me the day he heard Bella asking him to stay in her dream... Sooooo good! How he acepted he wanted this too... But when started the baby's names my mood changed a little... i cant pass the meaning of J... Kills me everytime! You're so right! Edward really needed to be heard in this special moment and you made it happen gracefully...
9/28/2013 c16 Karolsp
The distance between Edward and Bella is so loud and clear and on top of that she still is, like a broken record, saying how she needs Jacob... *sigh* this is hard! Edward is over paying what he did in new moon! And I wonder how a wolf can be related to a hybrid of a human and a vampire... Lol I really like long chapters cos give me so many details! Great job!
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