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for Sunrise to Eternity (EPOV of Breaking Dawn Book One and Two)

9/27/2013 c15 Karolsp
I don't know how many time i rolled my eyes reading the "i need you Jacob" thing that Bella couldn't hold back! I know it's Renesmee but she should think a little before show it! Even Jacob didnt understand! It's very hard to think clear and not be mad at! Lol You did a good job filling the blanks, you couldnt go too far cos Bella's condition didn't allow you do too much neither write EB cute momment cos Rosalie was near... I like it!
9/26/2013 c14 Karolsp
The conversation was so awkward for me and Bella sounded a bit childish at times but Jacob's comments are the best! Lol... Made me laugh, maybe cos didnt come togheter with his drama! I wonder if he was as close to lose his head with Rosalie as Edward was! The chapter was lighter which probably means we're heading to the end of the angst! Cant wait for daddyward!
9/25/2013 c13 Karolsp
It's so heartbreaking see Edward counting his minutes or seconds with her! In fact, even for me as reader, seems like a life time the happy moments! I always thought Edward only knew about how happy she was in the end when she showed him and I was very happy when you put this here cos he deserved to know before she was dead... Need to confess I was trying not cry! Lol and I still wonder if I'm going to reach some kind of limit of my annoyance for Rosalie, I think not... read through Edward's eyes is making me want to kill her myself! Lololol Good job as always dear!
9/25/2013 c12 Karolsp
The chapter only made me like Rosalie even more *snort*! Where is her respect for Carlisle? My parents taught me to respect the olders and family! Lol Still a very heavy chapter with the tension only increasing by the minute and Edward's pain matched to Jacob's descrition in the original BD, I really could picture him as the man in flames... I'm happy my angst is almost finished! *wink wink* lol
9/24/2013 c11 Karolsp
*sobbing* I love the end of the chapter! Made the whole Jacob thing be so little... i'm really enjoying read this part in EPOV, it's making things easy... Or maybe my willingness to understand the situation is far higher than the other way! Lol Now I'm kinda wonder what the others thought about the offer... Sometimes Edward seems so naive... Lol Amazing chapter dear!
9/24/2013 c10 Karolsp
Stressful chapter! You can feel Edward's pain in every single moment and how his mind never gave up to find a way to keep Bella alive even when he felt defeated... One thing caught my attention! Never realized Edward was planning go to La Push and again made total sense for me after considerer their talk! The end of the chapter its out of this world, like a parallel universe or something... What kind of deal is this? Edward must be crazy at this point to say something like this... no words! Lol awesome work! :)
9/23/2013 c9 Karolsp
To be honest I never put much thought about what happened between Rio and the mutt coming into the picture AGAIN cos I was debating with myself if I would read the book through Jacob's eyes... Well the yes won but for a hair and my mood wasn't the best one... Lol So I just accepted everything without much consideration and now reading your chapter I can see how makes sense... The edge beween them, how only got worse with their choices and their assumptions plus Rosalie in the picture and her snarky comments (btw she is in my black list too) and Edward blamming himself for everything... Really hurt when Bella went to Rosalie's side, I felt Edward's pain... But again was for a good cause and soon he will learn it... I love your chapter, I think fits perfecty with the story like a missing scene from BD so feel free to ignore the mutt and write more of this! Congrats dear!
9/22/2013 c8 Karolsp
What to do with all the happiness if we hadnt a little of angst? Lol... And here we go again back to the mutt... I have a feeling the next chapters will be though... I kinda agree that Edward didnt have a hidden happy thought about the baby... Again was a very new and unexpected feeling for him to understand right away... Great chapter as usual!
9/22/2013 c7 Karolsp
Found the bonus chapter! *wink wink* and I'm quoting Bella "wow, just wow" to give you my review! Lmao... Last chapter I said I was missing some hot stuff in the chapter, now I know why! And you're right! As a reader I'm telling you I love to read a well writen lemon, and you, my dear, have a great taste for write this kind thing! You know, not too much nor to little just the exact amount of hotness... If I may say, you could put more of missing moments in your story, not only lemons but fluffy things too cos in the end it's your story too... :) and before I forget, Bold Bella was AA plus!
9/22/2013 c6 Karolsp
I love how Bella tried all to seduce him! Lol I was hopping for more hot stuff here since Edward would be on the edge too, trying to say no and really wanting for more... I also think he wasnt very happy when she said she wanted more human life cos now he accepted that the change will happen and he want it so he tried to see the positive side in the matter but was hard for him... Great job as always...
9/21/2013 c5 Karolsp
Loooooove the chapter! How tasteful, loving and at the same time hot was this first night! Even the kiss was amazing! Lol ?... All the angst of Edward after was relly good too! Amazing work! Congrats
9/21/2013 c4 Karolsp
*tears* Weddings...always make me cry! Lol... But i've to confess that the mutt killed the mood even for 5 minutes and i still dont understand Bella's actions towards him cos she loves Edward, right? And I thought Edward would be... Less understanding about that... Well, maybe is my jealousy! The Edward and Alice part was so sweet! i really enjoyed this chapter and hope more fluffy EB moments, i love it!
9/20/2013 c3 Karolsp
The wedding! *sigh* edward's feelings are so damn good of read... I loved the chapter, very sweet!
9/20/2013 c2 Karolsp
Very funny chapter! Emmett is always a good choice to bright up the mood! Lol
9/20/2013 c1 Karolsp
For so long was looking for Edward's point of view of BD and finally found it! Thank you for your work!
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