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6/24 c5 banger5044
team luffy
2/4 c2 39Mako-clb
I've read this story a few times, and I feel you are a little harsh to Sanji in this chapter. It's unfair to call him just "kind of handsome." The rest of the description I totally get, but every time I read this that stands out as just super cruel to Sanji.

Now, don't let those comments make you think I don't like this story. I do. As I said, I read it several times.
8/19/2020 c8 11Basil Allegri
Who know what Oda has in store for the end of the series (I appreciated Usopp's use of Oda's name haha). This was a nice, light Luffy/Nami story. It really is hard to tell how romantically aware Luffy is, but I imagine most romance with him would end up going down something like this.
7/16/2020 c8 SweetAngel91
Un fic muy bueno y bastante en coherencia con las aventuras de nuestros Mugiwaras favoritos ! Me encanto, y lo agrego a mis favoritos !
7/15/2020 c1 Leilany OP
Kaoru-saaaaaaan volviste!
Espero que podamos leer un capitulo de "Creciendo con los Mugiwaras" Pronto. Tal vez ver a Saru de nuevo
7/12/2020 c7 Guest
Amazing story
7/3/2020 c8 1Kokos
This was nice. Thanks for sharing. :)
7/1/2020 c8 10Alice1420
Hola... Me llego esta notificación de tu fic y no pude evitar preguntar si continuarás creciendo con los Mugiwaras... Mi pareja y yo somos re Fans de la historia y quedamos intrigados con la nueva isla y el Edd adolescente...
Muchos saludos desde Chile, espero que estés bien
3/28/2019 c1 1Livleo
this story is nicely writen I wish there was more LuNa moments but I still really like this story, hope you write a spinoff with more LuNa
1/15/2017 c6 3ExBlazE
Ch 6: I will say that the fight is... okay. But to me, it seemed like a VERY BIG downplay of Luffy's abilities. No, I won't tell you to update this fic and give him Gear Fourth, that's just over the top. But seriously? He's the Pirate King and all that he has is a little bit more speed? I did not want to use this word, but I am forced to use it unfortunately - LAME. This is kind of lame. It's either that or I can't exactly understand how strong Kaze actually is even though he seems weak.
1/15/2017 c5 ExBlazE
Ch 5: I would have liked to see an awesome intimidation scene with Luffy's haki practically making everyone piss their pants... but that would be too suited to my tastes.

*sigh* I guess I can't get everything I want from a single fic. It's still nice nonetheless.
8/31/2016 c7 Bakabaka
I really love how IC the straw hat are, it makes easier to imagine the situation. Glad for the win win solution for both party
3/16/2016 c7 1PurpleKetloom
And then the popcorn, omfg.
3/16/2016 c6 PurpleKetloom
"For Oda's sake!"

omfg, I srsly can't get over this. (reading chap. 6 atm)
2/5/2016 c7 1LuNa Otaku Mochi
I just reread this and still one of my favorites truly a great and wonderful story the characters ar IC and well written and definitely one of the 'better' LuNa stories though all are great because the important thing is that they tried right
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