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4/8/2015 c2 anonymous
Do it
4/5/2015 c2 4HenriFanFicFan
It's been pretty long, but the fic looks good and I would be really happy if you continued it ;-)
3/31/2015 c2 Weendell
This is very original and well written story thus far. There is great potential for this story, I and I'm sure several others would love to see this continued. Please update.
3/29/2015 c1 Comitatenses
This is well written, can you please continue this?
3/29/2015 c2 correnhimself316
...Huh interesting instincts there Kazuya. I think that this version of Kazuya would firmly fall under the fandom term of Combat Limiter, that is a Limiter that is actually capable of fighting and defending himself. Maybe you could add the ability to summon a Volt Weapon too? Kazuya's instincts combined with his battle experience would make him a fierce competitor in fights and fully able to defend himself. Maybe a Volt Asssult Rifle or Sniper Rifle as a weapon?
3/29/2015 c2 5BloodTrinity
I must have moar of this badass Kazuya ;3;
3/21/2015 c2 Soundofthapolice
Very good please update again soon
3/18/2015 c2 Sterben4
Come on more about please this is just anout tje only good freezing story i've been able to find
3/16/2015 c2 Matthew Blackheart
3/2/2015 c2 Vhosek
This is great fan fic for one of my favorite animes! I really enjoyed these two chapters and was getting into the story. I hope more will be added soon!
2/28/2015 c2 Manny15565
Please update soon this is one of if not the best FanFiction on freezing
2/20/2015 c1 3Delvakiir
This is a good story. I like how you handle Kazuya. He seems cooler in a more relatable sort of way. Often people give him Pandora powers right off the bat. Even if you develop his abilities more later as long as they're paced appropriately it will make for an excellent read. All in all, well done.
2/16/2015 c2 3Death to Original Naming
This has a good premise and I hope that you'll continue to write it.
Thank you for sharing your fanfiction.
1/18/2015 c2 illuminios
Hmm. Interest is here, believe it.
1/12/2015 c2 Rakaan
Hope this is continued eventually. The Freezing verse had such potential but canon MC is such a spineless jellyfish it made me hate it. Nice to see a competent Kazuya.
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