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7/28/2020 c4 Guest
Write some more please!
5/2/2020 c4 Anonymous
This is a cool story, I hope you continue it.
8/4/2016 c4 Lee
This story is amazing! Sometimes when watching the show it does feel like the team doesn't think Robin is like I don't know as well as them, so u love your idea! Please update soon!
7/1/2016 c4 28KAthetomboy
Please continue this story
3/17/2016 c4 upload
bin waiting 4evr
6/20/2015 c4 briangela01
6/3/2015 c4 pappercut44
i love this story! please continue it :)
12/10/2014 c4 xxgirlblunderxx
I bet it one of his friends or teamates... EVIL!
11/2/2014 c4 flowerhippie1234
This is so awesome, please update!
8/27/2014 c4 1nananananaROBIN
please keep going
7/31/2014 c4 6IndiaMoore
Great update :) can't wait for more :)
7/31/2014 c4 2horseloveringod
Loving it! PC nt wait for another chapter and props for updating. D. I wonder who they are going to find next. .
7/30/2014 c4 1Queen Sound
Yay! You're back (& alive)!

Helpful Hint: You may want to add more spaces, to make the passage easier to read.
7/30/2014 c4 11Iron Robin
This is actually pretty good. I loved how Robin was going about his business like it was the most normal thing in the world while Superboy looked on like, 'what the heck?' That was beautiful. XD
6/19/2014 c3 Guest
Please! Can you just give us one update! I'm more into this story than "Worthless" -though that is also a amazing story. Please!

Well from my begging I can tell you understand that I highly like this story... (The beginning was just a joke I understand that authors have priorities in their different stories)
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