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5/9/2020 c17 kimjo2
Great stuff! Thanks so much
3/28/2020 c1 9AoMythology
Wow... this Lovecraftian AU is delightfully hair-raising. Is there a continuation anywhere?
5/19/2019 c14 Guest
Transient Beings? Isn't that from the Blue Moon series by Simon R. Green?
12/7/2017 c4 8LWJ2
Harry being handed over to the magical division of the KGB at the age of 15 months is going to result in McGee 'having words' with Fumblemore. Wish you'd write that. Thanks for sharing it.
9/1/2017 c5 59red-jacobson
Now this, this is interesting! Is there any more?

9/1/2017 c5 36Jonn Wolfe
Is there a second part to this? It's quite good!
7/30/2017 c1 13troyguffey
Wow. Got the style right.
1/19/2017 c3 Guest
this... could be hilariously weird to read as a full fic.
5/9/2016 c13 deadal
nice and poetic... which book / movies / other does it come from?
5/9/2016 c11 deadal
luxembourg? it is more a city than a country, and in a very flat patch of land... the plot is also very cliche, it would be impossible to write with any originality!
5/9/2016 c9 deadal
it is well know:
-knowledge is power
-power is energy
-energy is mass
-mass is weight
-weight is gravity
-gravity twist space
It is why every library is big enought for one to get lost into, and why every library is truely nothing more than a shard of the Great Library!
5/9/2016 c5 deadal
that is a nice plot, could even be used be a story on its own!
5/9/2016 c2 deadal
beyond the tiny prologue, there was no real trace of harry's spark...where is the madness? the epic?the baroque?
4/28/2016 c13 11selenepotter
I very much like this and would like more!
Reminds me of 10 quadrillion AD
4/24/2016 c15 6Modify the Lifestream
So 'dark lord' potter in star wars...horrifying for the people he meets and hilarious for us to read as they misinterpret everything he does and says.

we need a full story for this. its too funny not to be written.
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