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for Teal'c's Date

4/1/2013 c4 1steadfast
Very sweet story!
4/1/2013 c4 12Neverendingimagination
Awww such a sweet ending. Hope you write something new soon :)
4/1/2013 c4 ADM SG1
Great story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You did what a good writer does, end the story open ended for sequel. Will there be a Sibling for grace? I shall stay tuned.
4/1/2013 c4 3Katetanic
So stinkin cute! Loved it,
3/31/2013 c3 21AshLiz
Such a cute story!
3/28/2013 c3 15lordessoftime-tau
Aaaaaaaw! Sweetness galore!
3/28/2013 c3 dpdp
Such an AH factor. So sweet.
3/28/2013 c3 49roque872002
This is so darn CUTE!
3/28/2013 c3 Dustyfog416
So cute! Love the story. Great job!
3/28/2013 c3 LadyMo
Grace's first date was totally cute and sweet. I am sure this is something she will always remember no matter how old she gets. I like how uncle Daniel becomes stepfather Daniel. Good for all of them.
3/28/2013 c3 vcm
Very nice.
3/28/2013 c3 70ScruffyLovin
More adorable squee-worthyness. :) Yeah, it's a word. ;P
3/28/2013 c3 RhizOneill
Love it! More soon please!
3/28/2013 c3 67midnightread
Good chapter.
3/28/2013 c3 Jackless
Love it!
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