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3/16/2021 c9 Debbie Hicks
10. Mission to Mars movie fest then suddenly Marking her asa my true soulmated woman ripped then Jake ripped from her skin haedest so the pregnant best friends to aliens/Vulcans thren three to other best friends/Vulcans helped us each both with her/they each both to have kids too late the guareds who turned then then Take them out then then Fled then gotcha then the fled from boyth brought there good then then in time was sopl sivckest then wiyth hybrids then then Blown up woiyh the Cullens/Witnesses the blew freely brought there good ended themn but more Volturi guards then Lost as all olf blood was infected but blown apart then Alice had a vision of my imprint was with eight hybrid kids from help chained name Bre take care of that Felkix of her impruinted illgeally the n Ripped with myself/they then with her/they then n Severance then with him then Pierced freely then flede then with two good from human families are terminate nuked freely then Brought there then too late it came had my kids with her with bthey dyoing then Blacking outside blew freely brought there see guilty revealed by exposure of both of her nomadic imprinted you Maria three are Put to death of her turned far too young with four's ripped good Sentence is deathj then Atomized but vaporized good blew up then with freaks are Put to death then she got the vision so horrible Alice who did to them Volturi of her he just imprinted herself has not so human kids bitten her is Immortal so her with them then Freed of husks then with each then but Vanished good they stopped bearig kids then are what bitten good rest ripped them apart into as all of pieces see brought there they can't mate by now what Phased end them the criminals then Atomized but more Vaporized good they are ended then it was over see they can't return to here Alice they did this to us/they /them/others/aliens/Vulcans oh my god they done this we need our allies again then too late blown while fleeing in the House-unicat shattered good both brinbg them there bjut they are aboard good se they can't return to Earth then on Vulcan but the met each three very as all blew up rest bring them as all of criminals good then too late brought there good they are lost on Vulcan good they must die now then it came too late violently killed from here then it was too late Alice what happened they did this act they punished us/as all.
12/22/2018 c9 Guest
Aubrey's Alien history then Alice found m e sleeples of the iplanted Host then myself gegun to have weird Prophtic Visions then a Physucal light then then Bonk then Seth ate Kail'fleeeeee! eexploding wass very strong but my twin teeth were sharp but piercing BBBBit with toxic wastse then his sister withy both then with both thre withy kids theeen with her bitten then theen Volturi found m e you are guity of treason m urder an d creation of immortal kids NULLED With theem tore then with My screams then FIRE! Was intop us/them good tell our masters she's w turned by snakes illegally theen CRACKED! Aubrey! then too late was with him with his sisteer blewe she surrenders then blew from here CARLISLE! Nuked from here was deceassed with child thrashing from trasnsopoerted followed with their blasting from corpses then screaming take care of Bre trid of her forever my screan s ssshortlved MURDEREDWith theeeem theen dying from the birth then the ser had a visison Do something then blew weith m yself with theirs then sssmashed b rought corpserse then was Depasrted then had eight asll0venomous kids succesfully trasnstioning with them ATOMIZED! Bring the corpses sliced from here thenbrought here we report a n ewest additions them were drain ed of blod from alieen rattlesnake venom illegally had hybrids report thre Aro about these kids are Shiftpires you die theen screams wsith the screasming corpses blewe up then with hybrids the heassd found me heasled Alice they swere drained then first hunt with growsn kids foun d AAATOM IZED Screams of us/theem weith four destroyed heassds were ripped frely with htbrids's head tell them they asre assshes without memoriesd flew frelt then too laate cursed with bitter immortality fully time was forbidden but as all of them suddenly blew apart then freed from here then punished from here was as all of them brought here extinct then with eight thousands from around the world's then shattered freely then brought here we report they as all broker law siding with thre shattered weeeitnesed blew apart they never had more children but their children did blew up theyuare put to death forever they blew apart bring them they are dead drained now too late the ser foun d me too restles ASlice they did to herI Adapt heal veryfast recover then too late she has a power removed pain with m y own she's Telepathic by Telekinetic ablities then were as all of them now trained from animal blood was very healthier young lasdy your teeth is poisonous that myself hasd a amazing voice was stillstronger wehere are we with as all aboard then lost forever.
8/29/2017 c9 Devonlouise
hurry up and update so I can read more!
6/4/2016 c9 1jansails
I'm shocked Daisy showed up at 6:30 AM- like "WHOA!" shocked.
But, it is going relatively well, given they're both nervous around each other.
Leah's being a great big sister ;-)
5/27/2016 c8 jansails
Oh Seth is going to be very good for Daisy!
Daisy's not a "love 'em & leave 'em" kinda girl, she wants true, everlasting love & devotion.
Let's hope Daisy chooses Seth.
Seth is so sweet, not wanting to overwhelm or scare Daisy away, trying to figure out how to give her what she wants.
5/19/2016 c7 jansails
I usually don't read anything here unless it centers on ExB or the Cullens, but I'm enjoying this as the author has written Seth as a character so well.
Seth is warm, friendly, a good friend & brother, a pack member who wishes his time would come so he could have the type of relationship many of his "brothers" already have.
Seth worries nervously, wanting his imprintee to accept him, afraid it could all go wrong, & working himself up to meet her.
Thank goodness this girl, Daisy-Aubrey likes what she sees in Seth ;-)
2/7/2016 c6 backseatgoodbyeislife
Good update!
9/24/2014 c17 2TwinsConspiracy
Oh please update! This story is amazing! Most stories aren't that interesting to me and I find this and it hasn't been updated since Nov 2013?! It's such a shame! Happy be-lated birthday by the way, I guess since its almost November again I'll say happy early birthday too. Please update! I am so anxious to find out who was on the phone and what's going to happen with Ness and Aubry!

7/16/2014 c17 stephyxxx
Why are there no more chapters after 17?
This story is not finished I need u to upload the rest of it or I might lose my mind lol

U need to tell me what hooens next
Who is in the phone?
Does Nessie get over this?

Post the rest of the story ASAP please
7/12/2014 c17 qhrciskrpc
Stopping on a cliffie? Mean. Wanted to read about imprint meating vamps. Please finish this.
12/4/2013 c17 Zephyrstone
And this is precisely the reason I hate right now. I didn't get any notifications for this.


Great chapters, although I was hoping for a brutal murder of Owen by the wolves instead of a simple break up. Apart from that, I really like how you did the Nessie thing with her first meeting of Aubrey, although I'm not putting any judgement on that until a later chapter. Speaking of, *gets down on knees* please, please, please more chapters.
12/3/2013 c17 Guest
She didn't want to be friends with Nessie because she is use to being the prettiest, when did Aubrey become a mean girl? I thought I was going to love this chapter and was so excited for Nessie and her to meet and now she is Nessie's singer ( well she is the prettiest anywhere she goes so of course she should be Ugh)and suddenly Seth thinks he is the Alpha giving orders? I get he is protective but isn't he best friends with Edward, he knows they would never hurt anyone that Seth loves and he acted like the go around murdering every human they come accross. The phone call could be good so I am pining my hopes on that.
12/2/2013 c17 rowandasky
I loved aubrey's reaction to ness being pretty
And seth is so worried about her
12/2/2013 c16 rowandasky
I like that Leah has aubrery to talk to she always seems happier when she is around because she didn't know her when all of the bad things happened
12/1/2013 c17 3Deadtom77
Oh awesome twist :)
Please don't eat Aubrey Nessie - it was cause a whole heap of dead vampires and werewolves :) LOL
And who is on the phone?
Awesome as ever :)
I can't wait to
Cheers Dt
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