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6/4/2020 c55 neverfadehaz
Lucy x everyone but gajeel
4/13/2020 c31 2BrixyWB
Awww Acnologia's a girl now? I was hoping he'd be male and come after Lucy like the rest of these horny dragons. lol I'm excited to finally know their mission.
6/25/2019 c1 Guest
5/19/2019 c29 NaluOTP
Nalu vote for me one from my sister one from my other two sisters so that’s 4 votes for nalu for u
10/15/2018 c18 Guest
I want cobra moments to please I need colu to live I need the sexy snake lol I'm begging ya
5/3/2018 c15 guest
This chapter was amazing!
4/23/2018 c3 Guest
Can’t she just be paired with all of them? T-T Umm. But, seriously I can’t pick one. -.- I’m sure there’s plenty of Lucy love to go around! ;) ;) This seems to be a pretty interesting story. Congratulations on writing this! ( I would say great job like I usually do, but I fell..sadly...that would be just a bit too cliche!)
3/29/2018 c55 laurajustin
Great story! Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/23/2018 c1 JerricaHMcfarl3
I love this story I'm a multi shipper when it comes to lucy
11/14/2017 c4 Rebecca
Please please Cobra and Lucy CoLu
11/13/2017 c3 Lizzie
And so know we have the death of Lucy heartfela after trying to acomplish a job of taking care of the dragon slayors
9/29/2017 c55 14the real narnia
Well, it's been nearly three years since you've updated this story.
But I don't really care. Even if you only update once in awhile, it's better than nothing. This story is amazing, and I love it so much. Even tho Nalu beats everything else for me, I don't even care who she ends up with. (Though I do love Lucy x reverse dragon Slayer harems, like raising dragons by Merble)
I love all the little things in the story (Cobra and Lucy's relationship is pretty cool) and I definitely can't wait to see how they fight against Acnologia.
The dragon song is really interesting, and I'd love to hear the melody.
This whole story is simply wonderful, and I'd love to see more of it. I hope you choose to continue this and update soon! I look forward to the next chapter. :). Happy writing.
8/9/2017 c55 Guest
What was the point of this story again? I'm not trolling just asking, kinda disappointed.
7/1/2017 c15 star82315
Hahaha,Lol,Happy just cursed,Oh damn, my sides so much,'son of a bitch', hahahaha
5/4/2017 c17 1NeopolitanTheWeaboo
I want Sticy
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