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11/5/2021 c1 gaayo
absolutely beautiful. i cannot express how much i loved this adequately. you're a brilliant writer!
9/27/2017 c7 2trontroy
I really loved this chapter and I can understand how difficult it was for Mary to move on and lend out Matthew's old clothing. I loved how you beautifully you described her feelings as well as Blake's steady character. I used to only read Matthew/Mary pairings only but because of your story, I am now more inclined to read about Mary with Charles Blake. Thank you!
8/6/2016 c33 1Cherubby
I just read this entire story in 2 days, and I must say that it is absolutely EXQUISITE. I was looking for a well-written Fan Fic of Mary and, well, someone besides Mathew (I do like Mathew and all, but stories not focusing on him and Mary as a couple are hard to come by unfortunately), and I am so elated that I chose to read your masterpiece!
You are an amazing writer, and you captured the Downton characters fabulously. Your writing is witty, emotional, unpredictable, and captivating.
Plus, I think you did a great job on writing the intimate scenes between Mary and Charles. I admit that I am a fan of steamy writing, and you did a great job of making it wonderfully hot , touching, and believable.
I cannot wait to read the sequel ASAP as I'm sure it will be just as amazing, if not better (is that possible?).
Thank you so much for sharing your captivating story, and know that you are a gifted writer! 3
3/29/2016 c10 136Lady Eleanor Boleyn
I cannot breathe for laughter! I adored this chapter, especially the chaos and Mary and Cora's respective reactions...
3/29/2016 c5 Lady Eleanor Boleyn
Cracking up at this! I love your dialogue and descriptions, they're so sharp and witty!
9/14/2015 c6 Bonny Annie Laurie
I enjoy this story so much...reading for the 2nd time now. This time when I read your reference to Elizabeth I in this chapter, I realized that she wasn't called "Elizabeth I" until 1952. Even Elizabeth II's mother did not become Queen Elizabeth (wife of King George VI of "The King's Speech") until 1936. So in the year of this story, "Queen Elizabeth" would be the way to identify the queen from the 16th century. Thanks for writing! I do hope you'll write a new story about Charles and Mary sometime.
12/28/2014 c33 Guest
Re read. Still in love. Want more. You are the best
10/27/2014 c33 sh3lockHolmes89
Such a lovely story. :)
7/7/2014 c33 22The Auburn Girl
This was a fantastic read! You got every character down perfectly-so much so that I could clearly picture each character speaking and hear their voices in my head. Wonderful job :D
6/22/2014 c33 Eolivet
When I realized I hadn't reviewed this, I had to rectify that error. Not only because it's a great story, but because of what I believe it represents to the fandom. The fact that you had the courage to start this at a time when M/M fandom was still grieving, and most any other ship was frowned upon. How you made Charles Blake such a dynamic character that you essentially helped create and grow an entirely new shipper fandom. :) To me, this fic was a balm - an assurance that Mary (and thus, we as fans) could learn to love again, and as the show said, have a life again. Your writing, your enthusiasm did that, and for that, you should be commended. From a former M/M fan, from a Downton Abbey fan, from a Mary fan...bravo! :D
3/15/2014 c33 3antipholusluciana
Your writing is so lovely... I finished the whole fic in a matter of a weekend... wonderful storytelling, so true to the canon storylines, and beautiful character portraits.

I was particularly excited to learn that Julian Ovenden was to be on Downton Abbey. He does a truly admirable, subtle acting job on Foyle's War, but plays a character who's a bit full of himself. I had long hoped to see him in a larger part than the one he has in The Forsyte Saga, yet equally consistently likeable. So far Charles Blake has fit the bill, and I certainly find myself rooting for him if Mary is to choose between her three current suitors!
3/7/2014 c4 antipholusluciana
How beautifully natural and believable Mary's confused progress is in this chapter. And I adore the last line.
3/7/2014 c2 antipholusluciana
This is so wonderfully in character. I'm greatly enjoying your wonderful painting of the scenes and dialogue.
2/27/2014 c33 17Quills and Inkwells
So after the recent end of Season 4 for us Americans, I came to the conclusion that I shipped Mary and Charles. This was a hard thing for the die-hard Matthew and Mary shipper within me to accept, but after much deliberation I conceded and promptly moved along to find Mary/Charles fanfics.

This was the...second or third story I have read with them, and the first multi-chapter. It is fabulous. Like... I can't even express how amazing I think this story is. Even though to is not canon!Blake and Mary together, it is still utterly perfect. Just the little details you've included, and all of it is fabulous.

I cannot wait to read the sequel!
2/9/2014 c33 4viscountessmary
As I sit here and write this, I still have trouble believing this story is over. Granted, there's a sequel, but at the same time it's hard to accept that the first instalment of the saga has met its end. Over the months, you've crafted an incredible tale with the master ability to remain faithful to Julian Fellowes' character and, at the same time, add your brilliance to it. Your story is not only extremely believable, it's also captivating and beautiful. There's an honesty behind your every word that's more than a little touching. Strangers started as an AU to Julian Fellowes' creation, but now it's entirely a creation of Laura, and I say this in the best way possible. Your Charles feels like someone I've known for years, and I can picture him perfectly in mind, as I can Mary falling in love with this charming man. And as I read every paragraph you write, it feels like I'm sitting on my couch on a Sunday evening watching an episode of Downton Abbey and I often find myself rooting for their happiness, crying over their ghosts and antecipating what's next. I love your characters just as much as I love those we've known from the beginning.
Ok, I'm getting a little emotional, so I'll be quick... This last chapter was a perfect closure to your story, it's honest, it's sexy and it remains faithful to their journey towards happiness and recovery. It wasn't an easy road and I doubt there'll only be plain sailing for them now. But they've found each other and together they'll be able to face whichever challenges lay ahead of them.
So thank you, Laura. Thank you for Strangers and for the people I've met because of this tale. You're a very gifted writer and I cannot wait to know what's in yout mind when the sequel finally makes it debut.
Sofia X
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