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9/16/2013 c24 Eviedee
Have anticipated this chapter and at last can confirm it was really worth the wait - thanks. Continually your portrayal of these two loves is marvellous. Charles' POV continues to marvel and his consistency in protecting Mary is commendable. Having gone so far the previous night they need to now let their love simmer to a better and safer level and hope that pregnancy is a little way off - however, I am sure if this should be on the cards, your storytelling magic will spin us another worthy read, These two continue to stir emotions within all of us and I so enjoy my fortnightly reads. Not sure what will happen should Mary be with child after their triste but hope Charles' tenancity in holding off passions will pay dividends in the end; hope so!

There is a problem looming - that of the discovery of Charles' Indian disclosure - again, let's hope that the Crawleys embrace this with their forward thinking views and that the lovely Dowager will come up with a canny plan to ward off the awful Roquefort and Gillinghams. All in all, the these two have their work cut out before they can settle for calmer waters...

Please give us a warm and happy ending...
9/14/2013 c24 ke
Hmmmm, I don't know if I like the ending...I hope nothing bad happens and mary is nervous that the past will repeat itself...maybe we will see.
9/15/2013 c24 4viscountessmary
First of all, I am so sorry for neglecting reviewing this story for the past few weeks, but I can assure that I still love it the same. In fact, I've been on teterhooks for updates.
Anyway, you're brilliant my dear! Those past few chapter were absolutely well-written and just equally handled, specially this last one. I've always known how Charles would react and I'm glad he did the honorable thing. I also really do love how they're both insecure because, as much as they've taken with each other, it IS still too early and the way you've written it feels very real and palpable. I do think they'd be happy if they married now, and I think they'll see that before long, but both need to be sure that all of this isn't just grief, lust or just something that will eventually die down. I don't know what you have in mind, but I think realization of the intensity of their feelings (well, Mary's at least, as Charles' is already quite sure of his love) will come in the nex few weeks when Mary knows if she's pregnant or not. In my opinion, if she is, her happiness will show her how right it all seems and it'll finally dwell on her that it might not be too soon after all; if she's not, she'll most likely realize that in spite of her fears that was something that she would've wanted and, I believe, she'll even be disappointed that she is not. That's when I think she'll really come to terms with this relationship and accept that this is not a temporary affair, but a real love that's different from hers and Matthew's, but that'll last as much as theirs would if he hadn't been taken from her... Alright, I need to stop guessing and speculating, but aaaaah this story always makes me so excited, I cannot help trying to imagine your next move! Ps: Is it really bad that I kind of want her to be pregnant, even if that represents a scandal, just because I believe that for the both of them having a healthy baby without any further complications would be the perfect way to finally be set free of some of their biggest fears?
Keep up with the good work, my friend! I can't wait for chapter 25.
9/15/2013 c24 4ZoeyBridget
Wonderful as usual. I particularly liked the conversation with Tom. It was so interesting to hear his insights, given his past experience loving a "Crawley woman." And Charles and Mary and just heartbreaking together. Lovely stuff. I really am rooting for them, and dreading Mary's reaction if she ever finds out she uttered Matthew's name at a most inopportune moment!
9/14/2013 c24 juicyjools
I discovered this story early last evening and read it throughout the night...
You are a very good writer , somewhat professional with your wonderful words and passionate emotions.
but I have a problem with Mary...She is not at all cold...in fact Mary is a hot, passionate , sensuous woman who loves SEX...and Matthew had taught her well.
After a year of lonely , empty nights by herself, grieving for the love of her life, she discovered this man with the dimples. A stranger whom she can confided her grief and later discovered that they share the same tragedy, the loss of a beloved spouse plus other things and she wanted him , passionately in her mouth , hands on her body and in her bed, the same bed she shared and made love with Matthew. She is now making love/having sex with this man whom she met just a few weeks ago. Having unprotected sex that could result in an unwanted pregnancy but that does not worry her. Yet she does not want a marriage because she still has not moved on from Matthew. And she has not declares her love to Charles.
As her mother said Mary is not very smart. She is impulsive and does not think things thru. I think Mary is the one who is cursed...first Pamuk, then her rejection of Matthew whom she loves deeply and forgo years of happiness with him and now an affair with Charles whom she does not know where it is going to take her but she wants his body desperately. ( HOT WOMAN THIS MARY).
this story is truly intriguing and as a talented writer like yourself, I am dying to know where you are taking it.
I would like not to have a soppy, happy ending for this two..it would be too neat..
9/12/2013 c21 Guest
This is a very well written story n I like Charles Blake very much BUT
a year is too short to forget the love of your life , to want the intimacy with another man, like what she had with Matthew...
The love Mary had with Matthew was too deep and profound and to me it is not believable that she would craved such intimacies with another man so soon...
But that is just my opinion no matter how wonderful Charles he is n what similar experiences they both shared.
9/13/2013 c24 8trinadeckers
how did I miss reviewing yesterday? I blame college. Anyway, so many emotions, as usual. It never fails to get to me how well you write Mary and the depth you go in to with her character. The whole conversation with Charles was heart-wrenching, but so perfect. Mary would never just blindly accept everything after a night like that, and not to mention Charles is now feeling insecure. I love how the characters have deepened with each chapter, you do fantastic at making these characters so complex. TWO WEEKS. SOS. between DA starting back up, this story, and school, I am not going to survive. I will go happily though. HUGS!
9/13/2013 c24 7Lady-Finwe
so will they end up getting married? I hope she does get pregnant although it would complicate things for them :)
Looking forward to the next chapter :)
9/12/2013 c24 Audrey C
Was really dying for this chapter! So happy to see it today. Very well done. They do need a bit more time. But I have a feeling a nasty guest was observing them. When is Mary going to tell Charles about the threat? Two weeks is a long time! Can't wait!
9/12/2013 c24 agatefleur
I appreciate your beautiful prose and wonderful dialogue expressing the deepest of emotions. Well done!
9/12/2013 c24 PelirrojaBiu
Ugh, you don't have mercy, do you? Such a cliff hanger! Wonder if the person watching them (do I even have to mention his name?) only saw or actually heard them as well. My God. And the scene with Tom nearly gave me a heart attack. Beautiful, beautiful chapter.
9/12/2013 c24 jmar
Interesting metaphor of Charles hammering nails. Hasty decisions they might come to regret. Well, I think they crossed that bridge already! We'll see where you take us next with these two. I can't imagine a shotgun wedding for Mary - but this is AU afterall & to paraphrase: 'whatever Lala wants, Lala gets'. So good to get into the minds of the characters - poor Tom, always a step behind - or is he? (behind a tree...) :-)
9/12/2013 c24 redpeony
Originally, I was worried about how soon it was for Mary to move on. A year is just not enough time for a woman grieving the love of her life and raising a baby. BUT, your beautiful story has absolutely changed my mind. Your attention to both Mary's and Charles' inner turmoil has convinced me that this is completely believable. Your writing is so lovely, and you do such a wonderful job of capturing these characters and bringing them to life. I am starting to look forward to Thursdays for updates!
9/9/2013 c23 Guest
9/9/2013 c22 ke
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